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Political Economy of European Socialist-Systems

Political Economy of European Socialist Systems Arun Bose Marxism and Political Economy of Socialism by K K Das Gupta; Sterling Publishers, New Delhi, 1989; Rs225.

Marx s Theory of History-Obituary or New Start

in regard to salinity. But in the battle against salinity, it is also man against man, the poor farmer against the bheri owner". The concluding observation is telling! " There is also the apathy of the authorities in regard to the living and working conditions of the people in general, even when a Marxist political party is in power". Sunder- bans is another world, though only about 50 miles from Calcutta.

Possibility of Peaceful Revolution and Role of Revolutionary Terrorism

Possibility of Peaceful Revolution and Role of Revolutionary Terrorism Arun Bose RUSTAM SINGH'S 'Status of Violence in Marx's Theory of Revolution' (January 28) will, it is hoped, produce a cascade of comments. It is timely, meticulous and masterly. However, in trying to grasp many nettles firmly, some have slipped through his fingers. I would like to put the spotlight on two.

Defreezing Marxian Social Theory

Defreezing Marxian Social Theory Arun Bose Marxian Theory and the Third World (ed) Diptendra Banerjee: Sage Publications, New Delhi/Beverly Hills/London, 1985, pp 325, Rs 195.

Analytical Models of Economies and Societies-Some Implications for Inter-Disciplinary Studies of Social Classes, the State and Civil Societies

Some Implications for Inter-Disciplinary Studies of Social Classes, the State and Civil Societies Arun Bose Sraffa's models of a surplus-generating and surplus-appropriating capitalist economy, first published in 1960, correct and complete Marx's own models of a capitalist economy. They correct Marx's models in two essential aspects

John Roemer and Marxian and Neoclassical Economics

John Roemer and Marxian and Neoclassical Economics Arun Bose THIS note asks some categorical questions about John Roemer's general theory of exploitation in the specific context of some remarks of his in his recent piece on Rational Choice Marxism (EPW, August 24).

Marxian Theory of Social Transformations A Reconstruction

Marxian Theory of Social Transformations: A Reconstruction Arun Bose Unequal Development: An Essay on the Social Formations of Peripheral Capitalism by Samir Amin; Oxford University Press, Delhi,

Political Science, or Political Philosophy

January 19, 1980 trial development. In spite of efforts to develop appropriate technologies in developing countries, the fact is that a major source of technology, capital and management for many poor countries will be the transnational corporations (TMCs). The ability to increase industrial production in many countries will depend' on how effectively they can negotiate with TNCs and pursue policies which will make them serve national goals. There are a number of important efforts under way to strengthen the capacity of developing countries to deal with TMCs. UNlDO is also actively engaged in this effort. Yet the report does not seem to have devoted any attention to this important area of policy and action. It does not require a great deal of foresight to see that the poorer countries which depend most on foreign capital and are moving at the slowest pace may need a great deal of support and advice in this respect.

Unequal Exchange Rejoinder

Arun Bose RANJIT SAU's Reply (September 8) to iny Note (July 21) on his concept of unequal exchange of labour in international trade fails to justify what he had written in his book (1978). In his book he had produced nothing more than a curiousum, or a freakish special case, based on highly restrictive assumptions, which cannot be dropped without killing the result. His attempt in his Reply to claim that this is not so is unconvincing, and has only made matters worse.

Marxism and Political Science

Marxism and Political Science Arun Bose Studies in Marxism and Political Science by Kandadai Seshadri; People's Publishing House, New Delhi 1977; pp xiii + 199 (index),


Alienation Arun Bose Marx on Alienation by Puthepeedikail Mathew John; Minerva Associates, Calcutta, 1976; pp xv + 267, Rs 48.
interest in a number of novel themes has made intellectuals from many disciplines take a serious "interest in Marxian theory as being well-equipped to handle them. Some of these themes are: capitalist imperialism (with especial attention paid to its racist aspects), as also socialist 'social imperialism'; the 'class struggle' as the motive force of history (in all socio-economic formations, including the socialists); the question of 'exploitation' under capitalism (about which a Fundamental Marxian Theorem has been formulated by mathematical economists); the insidious role of 'apologetics' in various disciplines, which should make intellectuals adopt the methodological principle of being suspicious of each other's motives in order to get at the truth.


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