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Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment

The State Action Plan on Climate Change is important for adaptation policies in India. This article, however, shows signifi cant gaps and variations in vulnerability assessment methodologies used among different states, which becomes cumbersome in planning and prioritising adaptation and in measuring its success. There is a need to provide guidelines and do vulnerability assessments using standard procedure across various regions and sectors for effi cient adaptation planning.

Climate Refugees: Implications for India

There is as yet no agreement on the status of people displaced by climate change and the term "climate refugees" has no place in international law. While refugees are supposed to be people who cross national borders, climate change is seen to induce people to move within their countries. And even if climate refugees are recognised, who is going to be responsible for their protection and rehabilitation?

Assessing Vulnerability to Climate Change in India

The impact of climate change on the lives and livelihoods of people in India is now widely recognised. Yet, there is neither a consensus on the definition of vulnerability to climate change nor a full, regionally-nuanced mapping of the variable impact of such a change. It is only when a better understanding of what constitutes vulnerability to climate change and what its region-specific impact would be is available that proper adaptation strategies can be worked out.

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