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Determining Limits of Pesticide Exposure

Exposure Aparna Viswanathan In view of the inadequacies of Codex's approach toward regulating carcinogens India should decline to adopt the Codex system prescribed by the Dunkel Draft and hold the view that there is no safe level of exposure to cancer causing pesticides.

Foreign Banks Need for Control

defeat the AISA. As a result, both the official BJP and Congress candidates could poll 127 and 350 votes respectively while the current of 'backwardism' represented significantly by the Mulayam-BSP forces managed only about 264 votes. Yet a significant aspect of the AUSU elections which play an important role in UP politics remained the victory of candidates belonging to the backward communities on other posts in a predominantly upper caste university. This, however, also came about less because of any over-riding pro- Mandal wave and mainly as a result of the radicalisation effected by the AISA at the top. The political barometer of the state is still recording positive reactions to this rather stunning chain of events which demonstrated that the earlier protest against Ashok Singhal was no fluke.

Sex Discrimination in Employment-No Legal Protection

No Legal Protection Aparna Viswanathan The absence of legislation prohibiting employment discrimination against women in the private sector in India has contributed to the declining strength of women in the organised, industrial and high paying sectors, What are the legal parameters which may be used as guidelines for drafting such legislation?

Who Pays for the Champagne

Aparna Viswanathan Despite the fact that the government of India's suit on behalf of the Bhopal victims violated established principles of common law jurisprudence, the Supreme Court has upheld the settlement agreement.

Reservoir Induced Seismicity-A Man-Made Disaster

Reservoir Induced Seismicity A Man-Made Disaster Aparna Viswanathan Earthquakes can be triggered by the impoundment of water in columns of 100 metres or more in large reservoirs behind high dams. Thus the October 20 Uttarkashi-Chamoli earthquake may be attributed to such Reservoir Induced Seismicity created by the 239.5 metres high Tehri Dam.

UNITED STATES-Emergence of the Underclass

Emergence of the Underclass Aparna Viswanathan While the US is congratulating itself for having vanquished the 'evil empire' and is celebrating capitalism as the 'end of history', 32 million Americans, that is, one in eight, live below the poverty line.

Pesticides From Silent Spring to Indian Summer

Indian Summer Aparna Viswanathan The debate over pesticide use in India has been framed in a false dichotomy: prevention of human and environmental pesticide poisoning versus increased foodgrain production and control of insect-borne diseases. However, analysis of the effects of pesticides reveals that increasing pesticide use does not boost foodgrain production over the long term but, instead, has led to a resurgence of both target and secondary pests.

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