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Wars, Geopolitical Transitions and Paradigm Shifts

The geopolitical transition away from unipolarity is hastened by theatres of conflict in West Asia, Russia–Ukraine, and Indo-Pacific and their impact. Significant changes in the international power structures constructed after World War II are discernible and the global South is playing a significant role in this transition.

Israel’s War on Gaza

Israel’s relentless bombing of Gaza has brought the Palestine question into the global consciousness. The reason for hope is the indefatigable Palestinian people and their resolve for freedom. The changing geopolitical environment of multipolarity and the possibility of independent diplomacy provide an opening.

Two Decades after the Iraq War and the Political Imaginary of the Global South

The public dissent and opinion that was witnessed against the Iraq war and United States’ hegemonic power appear to have shaped the responses of neutrality on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine by the majority of countries in the global South.

Russia and the East

We Shall be Masters, Russian Pivots to East Asia from Peter the Great to Putin by Chris Miller, Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 2021; pp 384, $29.95 (hardcover).


What Are the Limits?

This article is a brief account of the work over the past three years of the Delhi-based Centre for Policy Analysis in Kashmir, where it started an initiative to connect people in the Valley with actors of political and civil society from the rest of the country over issues that concern Kashmiris. This initiative included bringing students of the national capital together with students of Kashmir and sharing information and perceptions about events in the Valley. The CPA's work has shown that Kashmir and its people are subjects of multiple and coexisting transformations.

Statement of Protest

We write to protest the denial of entry to David Barsamian by immigration authorities at the New Delhi airport in the early hours of 23 September 2011, and we write to draw attention to the growing arbitrariness of the Indian government in dealing with dissent of any kind.

The Russian-Georgian Confrontation

The current confrontation between Georgia and Russia in South Ossetia and Abkhazia owes itself to a variety of reasons such as the geopolitical aims of the world's powers, the issue of self-determination and control over energy resources.

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