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Democratic Accountability in Digital India

As the government increasingly seeks to replace manual systems with digital, there are increasing concerns about accountability. The democratic content of the various digital initiatives is examined by subjecting these to the tests of public interest and popular sovereignty.

Framework for Issuing, Using, and Validating Identification Documents

Identity frauds and organised crimes are facilitated when identification documents are not based on a compelling logical framework. Unfortunately, most identification documents are issued ad hoc and through a confusion of approaches, technologies and intentions. A logically compelling framework for the issue of identity or address documents is discussed along with the consequences for the individuals, organisation, nation and the world at large when identity documents are not issued on any such framework.

An Agenda for Reform of the Election System in India

Electoral law as it exists now falls short of serving the purpose of allowing every member of the electorate to be assured of the fi delity of her vote and ensuring that the vote is really a proxy for participation in governance. Serious reforms are required to ensure that elections remain relevant in governance. Current proposals for reform look only at the symptoms and do not discuss the system reforms that are needed. The expansion of mobile phone usage in the country provides a way to implement some of the reforms suggested here, replacing the electronic voting machine for registering a vote.
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