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Integrated Resource Planning for Electricity Distributing Utilities in India

Identifying the barriers that discourage the adoption of integrated resource planning by Indian power distribution companies, this paper points to feasible conditions in which these could be overcome. Using the case of the Bangalore Electricity Supply Company and the available documentation, these barriers have been classified as financial, technical and operational; for each, a possible solution is suggested. The study also identifies conditions that would be sufficient for integrated resource planning to be practised, including providing at least a specified level of electricity services, and minimising costs, environmental impacts and additional investments.

Economics of Nuclear Power from Heavy Water Reactors

Using a discounted cash flow methodology, this paper performs a detailed analysis of the current costs of electricity from two of the Department of Atomic Energy's heavy water reactors. It compares these costs to that from a recently constructed coal-based thermal power plant. The cost so computed is a sensitive function of the discount rate (a measure of the value of capital) used and the results show that for realistic values of the discount rate, electricity from coal-based thermal power stations is cheaper than nuclear energy.

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