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What Are the Political Implications of Narendra Modi’s #MainBhiChowkidar Campaign?

This article highlights the incongruity involved in the Prime Minister of a nation proclaiming himself to be a “chowkidar.” But who will watch the watchmen?

Beyond the Politics of Platitudes

Hegemonic ideologies not only provide a desired frame of action, but also a desired frame of dissent. The environment of hate against the minorities and a section of dissenters and their response--invoking the "Idea of India" as tolerant, diverse and inclusive--caters perfectly to the needs of Hindutva as a hegemonic ideology. This article attempts a diagnosis of this stalemate.

Is Subrata Roy Merely a Scapegoat?

Subrata Roy exemplifies the state's deficient regulation of finance capital in our neo-liberal economy. His recent imprisonment works to avoid some fundamental questions about the culpability of the state, and its failure to control capitalism through liberal-democracy. In the fallout of this case, Roy may well be a mere scapegoat of the larger ailment of financial speculation itself.
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