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Democracy or One Party State-Reflections on the UK Election, 1992

Reflections on the UK Election, 1992 FOR the fourth time running the British Conservative Party has sailed into electoral victory with 43 per cent of the national vote, on a 77 per cent turnout at the ballot box. Once again about two- thirds of the British people wilt bow to the expressed wish of one-third of their compatriots and suffer five years of Tory rule. The British people have always been very proud of their democracy. Indeed, it is a cherished national myth that democracy is one of the finest things they gave to the world! When are the British going to learn that their particular brand of democracy (a system based on 'first-past-the-posf in each of 651 constituencies) is no democracy at all, but under conditions of the late 20th century has become a recipe for a one party state?

Drinking to the Transnationals Health

this book. The ostensible cause for the closure, permission Tor which was consistently refused by the Bihar government, was the inability of the employer company to pay the huge outstanding dues of the Bihar Electricity Board, running to over Rs 5 crore. Dalmianagar, no doubt, had a fairly long history of unhappy industrial relations. The intricacies and vagaries of Bihar politics also presumably had their part in this unedifying episode. Even the order of the highest judiciary in the land could not secure for the displaced workers the payment of their rightful dues.
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