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African Fascism in Perspective

Most of the military rulers in Africa have assumed despotic powers only to act as mere supplicants to foreign powers. They form either an expensive facade for a nation remaining stagnant and deprived or a de facto intermediary for and ally of continued foreign economic penetration and domination. At the same time, their inability to fulfil even the minimum needs of their peoples has given rise to a permanent state of confrontation between the rulers and the ruled. Often this confrontation erupts in senseless violence leading to wanton destruction of life and property of a particular tribe or group or a section of the leadership itself. General Amin's regime in Uganda represents the apotheosis of this type of rule.

Requiem for the Commonwealth

Requiem for the Commonwealth Anirudha Gupta The Commonwealth in South Asia by S P Aiyar; Lalvani Publishing House, Bombay; 1969 ; pp 409 ; Rs 30.

The Rhodesian Crisis An Analysis

February 8, 1969 between firms according to internal supply and demand for funds. It is no wonder therefore that Helliwell finds enormous differences in the internal discount rates.

Assessing the Reality in Africa

tries like cement, sanitaryware, electric meters and spun pipes. At the same time a long-term export policy should Assessing the Reality in Africa

Assessing the Reality in Africa-An Indian Point of View

Assessing the Reality in Africa An Indian Point of View Anirudha Gupta It is not much use asking whether African governments are democratic or not nor whether the army could not be the Modernising' and 'stabilising' force in Africa.

Roots of Political Instability in Africa

to higher income, the benefit was al- most Wiped out by rising costs and slower turnover of resources. The steep rise in costs is partly attributable to the heavier wage bill (which rose by 17 per cent over the previous year) and partly to the large number of branches that have yet to become remunerative.

Research in Politics-Borrowed Concepts Do Not Fit

Borrowed Concepts Do Not Fit Anirudha Gupta Though research in politics has become more varied in its interests and more empirical in its approach, the new concepts it uses are alien to our milieu.


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