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LABOUR-Bidi Workers of Nipani

Bidi Workers of Nipani Anil Avachat THE reason for such blatant economic and sexual exploitation of workers is the unlimited power vested in the hands of the tobacco barons. The men who work for them do not seem to have, on present showing at least, the strength to stand up against them. However, things were not always as they are at present. Before 1946 the conditions of work were radically different. The bidi factories in those days had sheds in which the rollers would sit to do their work. This meant regular hours and holidays. The workers once went on a sit-down strike to demand increase in daily wages. (The wage in those days was about two rupees a day.) It was then that the employers decided to get rid of the burden that the factory Act put on them by stopping work in their sheds. By resorting instead to the present method of doling out fobacco to be taken home, rolled into bidis and delivered to the fac- tory, the employers freed themselves of all obligations
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