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Anikendra Nath Sen ONE cannot fault the sentiments expressed in the Brandt Report*. As Willy Brandt points out in his Introduction, "one should not give up the hope that problems created by men can also be solved by men". The nub lies in the fact that one man's problem is another man's bonanza. The Introduction goes on to add: Our report is based on what appears to be the simplest common interest: that mankind wants to survive, and one might even add has the moral obligations to survive". A little further down comes another home truth; "While other groups are increasingly vocal, the poor and illiterate are usually and conveniently silent".

LONDON-Friedman s Choice

Friedman's Choice Anikendra Nath Sen TAKING time off from keeping track of money supply curves round the world, Milton Friedman, Nobel laureate and saviour of Chile, recently used state-funded BBC television to educate the uninitiated in the evils of state funding. In six separate programmes entitled "Free to Choose", each more than an hour long, lie enunciated his philosophy.

BRITAIN-Tory Radicalism

and colleges? Who started the fust hospitals? Paradoxically enough, it was only the coming of skilled people from outside that indirectly laid the foundations of the Assamese 'national identity which is bandied about so freely by the Assamese leaders of the movement. The immigrant Muslim peasants from Eastern Bengal brought under the plough thousands of acres of swampy and uncultivable land, left fallow by the Assamese for generations. The uader from outside had helped in MARGARET THATCHER and her lot are trying to show their teeth

BRITAIN-Conference Season

December 22-29, 1979 BRITAIN Conference Season Anikendra Nath Sen THE British are a most orderly people who can always be expected to do the right thing at the right time in the right place. The right time is between the summer package tours and Christmas shopping; the right place is some resort, usually by the sea and invariably crumbling into decay; and the right thing to do is to hold a conference

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