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Coping with Globalisation

Coping with Globalisation Andre Guilder Frank Regime Transformations and Global Realignments: Indo-European Dialogues on the Post-Cold War World edited by Kanta Ahuja, Huub Coppens and Herman van der Wusten; Indo-Dutch Studies on Development Alternatives; Sage Publications,

Is the Reagan Recovery Real or the Calm before a Storm

Is the Reagan Recovery Real or the Calm before a Storm? Andre Guilder Frank The international economic recovery since 1983 has been widely acclaimed as having overcome the economic problems of the previous decade through renewed growth. This claim rests on shaky foundations. In the US the recovery has been weakly sustained by consumer spending and debt finance; and internationally the spread of the recession has been slow and uneven which has exacerbated international economic imbalances and threatens the stability of the world economy in the next recession.

Economic Genocide in chile-Open Letter to Milton Friedman and Arnold Harberger

This is a critique, written in the form of an open letter, of the economic policies of the military Junta in Chile. The Junta's economic programme consists of freeing almost all prices to raise them several-fold to 'world levels' and increasing the money supply concomitantly, A 'free' capital market is fostered as well, which beyond concentrating capital into conglomerates also creates its own financial instruments above and beyond the control and even the accounting of the state, end which at the same time increases the amount of monetary means of payment and their velocity of circulation.
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