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Preventing Nuclear Arms Race between India and Pakistan-A Practical Proposal

While many people agree that it is undesirable for India to go nuclear, they lament that you cannot trust the enemy'. In fact it is perfectly possible for India and Pakistan to avoid the nuclear option not on the basis of mutual trust, but by signing a treaty laying down practical procedures for mutual inspection and verification.

Drug Policy Side-Tracking Real Issues

 sumption Function", (Princeton University Press, Princeton, 1957). Joshi, V H, (1970), 'Savings Behaviour in India', Indian Economic Journal, XVII (April- June 1970).

Drug Policy Industry s Misleading DlSCUSSION

Drug Policy: Industry's Misleading Arguments Anant Phadke THIS has reference to K Jayaraman's (May 3) response to your editorial (March 8/15, 1986). His comment creates unnecessary confusion about the drug situation in India and thereby tries to hide the damaging role being played today by the drug companies.


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