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'Thiyya Andolan' in Krishna Valley

About 7,000 rural toilers from south-west Maharashtra congregated in Pune for one of the largest indefinite sit-ins that the state has seen in many decades. The struggle for the right to water and the right to rehabilitation in 13 drought-prone 'talukas' of the state has made a significant contribution: it has joined together the interests of two groups who are considered, traditionally, to be at loggerheads with each other - the dam-affected and the drought-affected.

Right to Health Care

By way of commemorating the 25-year old Alma Ata Declaration on health for all, the health movement organised a three-day programme on the right to health. Included were public submissions on denial of health care that illustrate the deterioration in the public health system.

Hep-B Vaccine: Some Issues

Introducing the hepatitis B vaccine in the national immunisation programme would not only cost the government more than all the other six vaccines on the programme, but would yield little by way of public health protection.

Hepatitis-B Vaccine in National Programme

Independent analysis shows that introducing the Hepatitis-B vaccine in the national immunisation programme will yield small gains at high cost.

Dams and Development

Dam oustees in Satara district of Maharashtra recently scored a signal victory, when their 'sit-in struggle' resulted in the acceptance of their demands by the state government, including those on water allowance and equitable distribution of water. The agitators in Satara have thus managed to continue their tradition of struggle in the quest for development.

Pharmaceutical Policy, 2001

In attempting to ensure that the pharmaceutical industry is able to function profitably, and perhaps, efficiently, policy-makers have completely ignored the health concerns that are integrally linked to the contours of the drug policy.

Dam-Oustees' Movement in South Maharashtra

The movement in south Maharashtra for equitable redistribution of dammed water is now a decade old. The movement has seen the mobilisation of thousands of water-starved villagers compelling the government to accept the principle of equitable distribution. This demand is entirely a grass roots level initiative and is complementary to the demand for land redistribution.


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