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Articles By Anand Teltumbde


In 1927, an iconic struggle of the Dalits in Mahad, in modern day Maharashtra, had to take a step back in spite of overwhelming enthusiasm of the community. Nearly nine decades later, in Pathapally in India's youngest state, Telangana, a more than three-month-long struggle of the Madigas, a Dalit community, forced the administration to accept its demands. This article traces the events and developments of the Pathapally movement and compares it with its iconic predecessor.

Organiser on Ambedkar: Repeating a Big IIT-M Lie

The Hindutvavadis have been desperate to co-opt Ambedkar as a saffron icon. But, as an editorial in their mouthpiece, Organiser, justifying the Ministry of Human Resource Development-foisted "derecognition" of the Ambedkar-Periyar Study Circle at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, reveals, they cannot tolerate his radical views. Ambedkar had a difficult relationship with the Indian communists, but he did not disagree with the goals of Marxism. Ambedkar also made clear his critical views on Hinduism. It is therefore far-fetched for the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh to claim that Ambedkar was an anti-red and pro-saffron personality.

Whither Justice?

Justice is a far cry today. The judicial process has been hijacked by the wealthy and the powerful. Witness the course of Salman Khan's "hit and run case," or the net result of J Jayalalithaa's "disproportionate assets case," or, in sharp contrast, the situation of a wheelchair-bound professor who took up the cudgels on behalf of the oppressed, confi ned to an anda cell in Nagpur Jail, unable to get bail.