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Articles By Amrita Dasgupta

The Pandemic, a Cyclone

In the feminist context, the politicisation of the private has been popular. With the pandemic at play, the households have resurfaced in quotidian conversations. Their political identity is no more limited to the battle of ownership. This space has now garnered a novel identity by featuring in the governmental political rhetoric. The article discusses if and how households are compelled to state their traditional identities, allow encroachment on and defiling of their existence and as a result evaluate the formation of the new recognition of this emerging (pseudo) safe spaces after it sheds the fetters of politics.

Floods and Poverty Traps:Evidence from Bangladesh

There are large negative effects of floods on the spatial incidence of poverty. These effects are especially strong in the short term in the immediate aftermath of major floods though there also appear to be longer-term negative effects. However, normal flooding is necessary and beneficial for agriculture, transport and fisheries. The probability of catastrophic flooding in Bangladesh is about once in a decade, and micro-flood-insurance is one important policy tool to mitigate the effects of catastrophic flooding on the poor.