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Male Migrants and Women Farmers in Gorakhpur

Research on gender and climate change mostly focuses on the negative impacts on women and children, where men are portrayed as somewhat irresponsible, migrating to the cities and leaving behind helpless women to face multiple adversities. Based on data from the peri-urban Gorakhpur city in Uttar Pradesh, a nuanced approach is argued for instead, distinguishing between adaptation strategies of the landed and landless households, investigating the compulsions and decision-making processes behind male migration, and the coping strategies of the women left behind. Male migration, coupled with the women farming and dealing with markets directly, has changed gender relations in the region. New forms of patriarchy and resistance to the same are emerging even as men face crises of masculinity.

Exchange Rate of the Rupee and Purchasing-Power Parity

Power Parity AS an empirical economic proposition the purchasing power parity (PPP) theory merely states that international prices of traded goods and services when converted to a common currency should equalise across national boundaries. If allowances are made for the price distorting effect of tariff and non-tariff barriers to trade there is no reason why law of one price (LOP) should not hold good for the traded goods and services at the world level. Existence of arbitrage traders in goods market should ensure that.

Paranoia Masquerading as a Review

for empowering women, along with a well- defined gender development index to monitor the impact of its implementation in raising the status of women from time to time. The plan document, time and again, speaks of capacity building. However, at the operational part, it speaks only of invigorating some of the traditional programmes like 'Rashtriya Mahila Kosh'.

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