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Articles By Amir Ali

At the End of the Storm, A Golden Sky for Liverpool?[1]

Liverpool is one club with a great deal of history behind it. One aspect of that history has been the list of illustrious managers such as Bill Shankly, Bob Paisley, and Joe Fagan. Shankly especially stands out as the manager who moved Liverpool from the obscurity of the lower second division, right up to the top of the first division.

Football, Freedom, and the Arab Spring

Sports and sporting event have always been political, and this is more so in the case of football. The men’s football world cup held in Qatar became an arena where multiple global sociopolitical contradictions were played out and geopolitical issues were brought into focus. After all, football has always been about philosophy, freedom, beauty, art, and democracy.

The Chickens of British Multiculturalism Come Home to Roost

Rishi Sunak’s rise as British Prime Minister, the obsession with immigration, and the continuing dominance of Brexit are instances of the deep-seated problems of British politics, aggravated by over a decade of austerity. The British political establishment shows no signs of the profound political rethinking required in the aftermath of the damaging effects of Brexit.

A Hundred Years of Israeli Hyper-statehood

Israeli statehood, characterised in this article as a form of “hyper-statehood,” was facilitated by a disappearing British empire and the emergence of United States’ domination. This hyper-statehood has existed at the expense and denial of Palestinian statehood. Drawing historical insights from Rashid Khalidi’s acclaimed book The Hundred Years’ War on Palestine: A History of Settler Colonialism and Resistance, 1917–2017, this article suggests that unease at Israeli hyper-statehood can only grow in the US and across the world. There will now develop an inevitable movement towards a postnational solution.