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UTTAR PRADESH-Limits of OBC-Dalit Politics

Mulayam Singh must have known that his systematic attempts to undermine the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), his partner in the coalition government, would sooner or later drive the BSP to desperate measures. What he had not taken into account was the stand taken by the Congress. The anti-Mulayam Singh lobby in the Congress, led by Ajit Singh, prevailed and Narasimha Rao too decided that a strengthened Mulayam Singh was no longer an asset to him.

UTTAR PRADESH-Fresh Life for Uttarakhand Movement

within the Congress(l) and outside and opened up new options tor the parties and the people. It has, as foreseen, led to a destabilisation of some kind of the Narasimha Rao leadership within the Congress and adversely affected the creeping process of consolidation of the Congress(l) regime. This in turn has given rise to hopes for the emergence of a new centrist alternative to the Congress regime.

UTTAR PRADESH-Reservation Is Not the Issue

Despite the strenuous attempts of the Congress and the BJP to make repeal of the 27 per cent reservation for backward castes into a general issue in the state and thus unleash widespread caste conflict, the movement has not caught on in the plains.

BIHAR-Changing Peasant Struggle

Amaresh Misra One of the main themes of the mass peasant rally in Patna on March 18 organised by the CPI(ML) was the revival of the JP movement on a new basis under a Left leadership.

UTTAR PRADESH-Meerut Firing A Turning Point

Meerut Firing: A Turning Point?
Amaresh Misra The response of the dalits to the recent police firing on them in Meerut, which seems to he acquiring a mass dimension, may have heralded a turning point for the political situation in UP.

UTTAR PRADESH- Challenge to SP-BSP Government

The entirely expected assertiveness on the part of the Dalits and the aggressive response to this, from the backward castes especially, poses a challenge to the SP-BSP government, both with regard to fulfilling the aspirations of its most important social support base and maintenance of the fragile backward-Dalit alliance.

UP-Dalit Assertion Possibilities and Limits

UP Dalit Assertion: Possibilities and Limits Amaresh Misra The democratic articulation of dalit aspirations witnessed in last month's assembly elections can provide a stable base for a secular polity, But if it is opportunistically used for narrow political gain, the situation may once again turn in favour of the forces of Hindutva.

A Left Resurgence-JNU Students Union Elections

Supreme Court substituted the terms of reference to the tribunal by indicating that the reference should now read: ''Whether the contract workers engaged and paid by the management of the Tata Iron and Steel Company, Ltd, Jamshedpur in the permanent and regularly nature of work before 11.2.1981 are entitled to permanent employment in regard to Items 1,2 and 4 under the Principal Employer''.

UTTAR PRADESH-Disillusioned Electorate

Disillusioned Electorate Amaresh Misra The first phtise of election campaigning in Uttar Pradesh has made evident the general disillusionment among people about the major political parties and their failure to address even tfie pressing issue of communalism from a fresh angle.

Benares The Many Splendoured City

Benares represents in microcosm the story of the decoying of an ethos which encouraged the development of a plurality of cultures and religions and the submergence of the rich and diverse movements in culture, politics and religion under a single identity-nationalism and dominant Hinduism AFTER Ayodhya, with its rigid categories and social divisions, Benares, the preeminent Hindu religious centre, is well- worth a visit. Even a casual boat ride on the Ganga reveals the broken minarets of the Panchganga ghat-based Aurangzeb mosque set amidst the amazing maze of temple sites sporting the usually plain and cold shikbara curves, soaring stairways and majestic platforms. Its brooding elegance even today presents, by no means, an isolated instance. It blends in well both with, the forbidden fires of the adjoining Manikarnika Ghat and the springlike air of life around the rows of havelis and palaces along the river.

UTTAR PRADESH- Mulayam Singhs New Tune

In an attempt to go beyond a traditional backward class-Muslim- dalit appeal, Mulayam Singh Yadav supported Chandraswamy's so-called Som Yagya and is adopting a line on the mandir-masjid controversy calculated to appeal to conservative Hindu sentiment.


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