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UP Crystallisation of New Political Formations

Formations WHEN Intellectual' politicians and bemused analysts had retired behind the smokescreen of cynicism, a "retired' politician finally called the bluff over the issueless, 'meaningless' nature of the 12th general elections. In a recent Press Club meet at Delhi, V P Singh talked, not about the disintegration of parties following the mad rush to cross floors, but the slow maturing of politics behind the anarchy.

UTTAR PRADESH-Kalyan Singh s Coup and BJP s New Face

After Kalyan Singh's coup, the hesitation which had existed in the BJP to break the Congress and openly work cut a conservative-communal assertion of class and criminal forces has finally been overcome.

UTTAR PRADESH-Weak Response from Anti-BJP Camp

to break away from the social binds of feudalism and colonialism as the south-east Asians have largely done and parts of Latin America, even of Sub-Saharan Africa, too UTTAR PRADESH has achieved. In India-Pakistan, we have not been promised a rose garden. We should count small progress as daisies in the field and wait patiently for both flowers to come.

UTTAR PRADESH-Transfer of Power Permutations and Combinations

Transfer of Power: Permutations and Combinations Amaresh Misra The question of governance in UP is a life and death issue for the BSP; it can abdicate only when there are enough symbolic assurances for its mass base. The issue of a change in speakership has been brought up to provide such an assurance.

UTTAR PRADESH-Growing Social Unrest

Growing Social Unrest Amaresh Misra Criminals first entered state politics on the back of politicians; they then became politicians themselves and now they are trying to capture the institutions of civil society. Thus, there is indeed a breakdown of law and order, at all levels including the law enforcing agencies.

UTTAR PRADESH-End of a Social Revolution

End of a Social Revolution?
Amaresh Misra The Uttar Pradesh assembly elections will be remembered for the decisive turning away of the SP and the BSP from the anti-upper caste, dalit-backward-Muslim agenda to an old, Congress-type status quoist social eauation.

UTTAR PRADESH-Revival of Old Political Alignments

UTTAR PRADESH Revival of Old Political Alignments Amaresh Misra Just when the dalits appeared close to reaching out to power, the BSP has, through its alliance with the Congress, revived the very alignment which the dalits had sought to shed. On the other hand, the SP and the Janata Dal after the failure of the attempt to put together an anti-BJP front including the Congress, are reverting to the old oppositional grouping of the backward castes with the thakurs andjats.

UTTAR PRADESH-Politics in Flux

UTTAR PRADESH Politics in Flux Amaresh Misra Exceptor the dalits, no other social base showed steadfastness in its preference for a particular political party in the UP Lok Sabha elections.

UTTAR PRADESH-Crisis of Non-Secular Politics

Crisis of Non-Secular Politics Amaresh Misra The implementation of secular agenda in Uttar Pradesh demands a more radical restructuring than liberal centrism can afford a step which none of the main contenders for power in the state is ready to take.

UTTAR PRADESH-Politics in Drift

Politics in Drift Amaresh Misra The forging of a broad left-democratic alliance in Uttar Pradesh may involve more than the bringing together of dominant centrist and left parties. A new agenda for change will need to be evolved.

UTTAR PRADESH-Towards an SP-Left Alliance

UTTAR PRADESH Towards an SP-Left Alliance?
Amaresh Misra With BJP 's rightist agenda appropriating centrist policies, the only option left for Malay am Singh to combat BJP is to initiate a leftward shift.

UTTAR PRADESH-BJP s Moves under Cover of BSP Government

UTTAR PRADESH BJP's Moves under Cover of BSP Government Amaresh Misra The BJP is trying to instigate 'low intensity' sectarian conflicts, especially between the backward castes and Muslims.


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