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Articles By Amar Sarkar

Experiences of Agribusiness

Agribusiness refers to a model of food production that draws on strategies deployed in any other large-scale industry and is therefore markedly different from farming and agriculture on smaller scales. In this article, an interview-based description of the day-to-day experiences of farmworkers of Immokalee, Florida, is presented. These have close resemblance to the experience of Indian workers.

Dalit Politics in India

Dalit political parties in North and Central India have overwhelmingly pursued an agenda of recognition, calling for equal respect, rather than one of redistribution. While this has improved the social and economic standing of Dalits better situated in terms of class, it has failed to substantively improve the lives of the majority of Dalits. Ultimately, Dalits' quest for equal treatment will be limited so long as it lacks a redistributive politics that addresses exploitative economic relations.