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Articles By Alka Acharya

Chinese Party–State under Xi Jinping

The abolition of the two-term limit on the President’s tenure in China has generated a lot of debate. Portraying this as the return to hard authoritarianism in China does not fully take into account the gamut of changes that are taking place at the political, economic, and societal levels. Newer studies and research suggest that the mainstream Western projections of China as a repressed, controlled society, suffering under the iron grip of the party, cannot be taken at face value and must be explored in greater depth.

The Strategic Stasis in the India-China Relationship

Why does a serious, rational and realistic discourse on China in India, and vice versa, still elude our respective grasps? A confusing and diffi cult question no doubt, but one which calls for an analysis of the contradictions that underlie India-China relations. This relationship is scrutinised in the context of the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's recent state visit that could have been marred by the earlier row over the Chinese "incursion" in Ladakh, but for an understanding that the relationship would not be made hostage to the boundary dispute.

Whither India-China Relations?

The recent extraordinary outpouring of public animosity in India and China towards each other should give us pause and encourage introspection. When the only space that India and China seem to be focused on occupying is the geopolitical, when the dynamics are mainly about power balancing, when only higher growth and trade statistics are at stake and when vital issues are bandied about cynically as "cards" in a great game, the stature of two of the oldest civilisations in the world is immeasurably lowered. It bears repeating that situations appear intractable not because we are unable to see the solution; rather, it is because we are unable to see the problem.