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Resource Base Erosion and Sustainable Development in South Asia

Development in South Asia Akmal Hussain As we look to the future, an urgent need is felt for a new approach to development' A perspective within which people in their diverse locations can acquire control over the decisions that affect their immediate existence; in which autonomy of communities and states can be sought from the tentacles of an international financial system that is serving as a conduit for transferring real resources out of the fragile resource base of the poor; in which production and economic growth are conducted to sustain life rather than serving to undermine it. In exploring these questions, this paper examines the resource potential of south Asia and the extent of its degradation and presents an outline of an approach to sustainable development through establishing a link between two levels of development praxis

Is Pakistan s Economic Crisis Financial or Real

Official claims would have it that while Pakistan's financial economy may be in difficulties, the real economy continues to be robust. In fact it is the serious problems in the real economy in the state and culture of society that are manifesting themselves in the form of a financial crisis.

Pakistan Through the Economic Minefield

Minefield Akmal Hussain The conditions attached to the IMF loan agreement signed by the caretaker government constitute a double squeeze on the poorest sections of Pakistani society. And what will the country get after one year of such misconceived measures? A mere US $ 12 billion. Never before will so many have sacrificed so much for so little.

Charismatic Leadership and Pakistan s Politics

While Pakistan's political history has been marked by dramatic moments when the people have asserted their will through mass mobilisation around charismatic leaders and at these moments, political parties, cadres and grassroots institutions have been conspicuous by their absence, after the November 1988 elections, if civil government is to prove its credibility in the brief period now offered to it, charisma will have to be combined with organisation, programmes and systematic action.

Post-Election Challenge in Pakistan

It can compare favourable in case the social forestry is raised in waste, barren or marginal lands, but not on lands where crops which have a better employment potential than social forestry are grown.

Karachi Riots of December 1986-Crisis of State and Civil Society in Pakistan

Karachi Riots of December 1986 Crisis of State and Civil Society in Pakistan Akmal Hussain THE violence that erupted in Karachi during December 1986, both in scale and sheer brutality, was unprecedented since the partition of the sub-continent in 1947. What we saw were bands of men armed with kalashnikovs charging into the homes of communities they had lived with for a generation

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