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Student Loans and Suicide

Engineering student Rajani's suicide is a wake-up for India's banking system, and is also a clear signal that we need to urgently address issues of equity in our educational system.

Parmalat's India Operations

The bankruptcy of the Italian multinational food company is making news all over the world for the last six months. Less known is the fact that Parmalat's Indian operations too were suspect.

Dunkel Text Implications for Rural Sector

P Thomas Sukhpal Singh Ajit Kanitkar Sara Ahmed E Michael Johnson The proposals put for ward by Arthur Dunkel, until recently the Director General of GATT, have been the object of intense arguments and debate. In the context of this ongoing debate that this paper discusses the Dunkel Proposals, with special focus on its implications for the rural sector. Besides giving an overview of the main issues raised in the course of the debate, it draws attention to the major aspects of the debate specific to the particular sector under consideration

Entrepreneurs and Micro-Enterprises-in Rural India

in Rural India Ajit Kanitkar This article discusses the results of a study aimed at understanding the emergence of successful entrepreneurs and owners of micro-enterprises in rural India. Based on the case studies of 86 village-based entrepreneurs drawn from different regions of India, this article examines the socio-economic profile of the entrepreneurs, their motivation for shifting from an agriculture-based occupation to a non-farm activity, their approach to raising resources for their enterprises and the factors that facilitated entry of the village-based entrepreneurs into a business activity.

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