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Police Duty of Confidence

Police Duty of Confidence AG Noorani Private information obtained by the police under compulsory powers cannot be used for purposes other than those for which the powers are conferred.

Making the State Pay for Violations of Fundamental Rights

ble in many other states as well.
With Rajiv Gandhi we lave an explicitly class-oriented government in power. In Nehru's days and also to an extent during Indira Gandhi's times, rhetoric of social justice mattered. Now I is on its way out. What is taking its place is government by cronies in defence of modernity, i e, capitalism, entry into the 21st century, and so on. If Marcos pradsed 'crony capitalism', we seem to be practisng 'crony government'. As the latest NDC meeting demonstrated, the cronies will make policies and a host of chief ministers will nod their bewildered heads. They will sing praises of the 'venerable', 'dynamic' leadership. In the meanwhile, the conies will consolidate their power.

How Lawful Imprisonment Can Become Unlawful

of power, in coalitions or all-party governments, to strengthen the political and economic management of new ethnic, community and caste assertions? We run away from the concept because we pattern ourselves on the Anglo-Saxons. At a saner level of assessment, what was the Indian National Congress if not an all-party formation? It had to splinter and break. Maybe, the situation calls for a new institutionalised form of working together as separate political parties.

Dismanding the Authoritarian Structure

Liquidation of Personal liberty AG Noorani This article examines the principal landmarks

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