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Is the Gay Community the Neo-marginalised of Modern Society?

An examination of the sexual identity of gays through the prism of mainstream homophobic culture reveals that they are the nouveau-marginalised section of contemporary Indian society. Despite their diverse experiences the stigma is blatantly similar between homosexuals and other discriminated groups, both of whom are prejudged on the basis of their identities and are impeded from standardised interactions with mainstream society as they are made out to be “perverse” and impure.

Dissenting Opinions of Judges in the Supreme Court

This analysis of Supreme Court judgments delivered from 1950 to 2014 looks at the dissenting opinions expressed by judges. It also examines if the presence of the Chief Justice of India on the bench diminishes the possibility of dissenting. It lists opinions which got recognition in legislatures and the legal academia and contributed meaningfully to development of law in India.

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