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Congo's Many Plunderers

Some of the rebels in Congo who turned against Laurent Kabila are principled people who did so because Kabila did not live up to his democratic promises. But for many rebels gold and diamonds matter more and the civil war is less about ideology than about who is going to continue the plundering. The country is in effect split in several pieces and half a dozen neighbouring countries are backing one faction or another.

Globalisation and Culture

Adam Hochschild A CURIOUS personal experience made me realise for the first time what a powerful force globalisation is.
As an American journalist, I was working in 1991 in what was then still the Soviet Union. I spent several days in a town called Omsukchan, in the far north-east corner of Siberia, This was only a few months after the Soviets had removed the last rules restricting where foreigners could travel, and when I got off the airplane at Omsukchan, people told me that I was the first foreign journalist who had ever been there.

UNITED STATES- Towards a Gated Community-An American Looks Home from India

An American Looks Home from India Adam Hochschild There is evidence of a certain mean-spiritedness in American public life today which was not there during the idealistic 1960s nor even part of the decade that followed. The rise of this anxious inward- looking mood seems all the more surprising today, when American (and European) dictates about free trade, open markets, structural adjustment and so on increasingly dominate the global economy. And when in the popular mind throughout the world, the west won the cold war. Why is America then not behaving with the magnanimity of a victor, but with the embattled, ungenerous bitterness of a loser?

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