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Articles By Abhishek Kumar

An Analysis of Victim Compensation Schemes in India

Sections 357 and 357-A of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 lay down the procedure for granting compensation to the victims of crime. Under the latter section, each state of the country is to set up a victim compensation scheme in consonance with the Central Victim Compensation Fund Scheme guidelines. At present, however, state schemes are vastly different from one another in terms of the number of categories under which a victim may apply for compensation as well as the amount of compensation prescribed under each category. Here, the author wishes to show that the resultant outcome of this is prejudicial to the interests of the victim.

Overreaction in Indian Monetary Policy

A significant decline in trend growth rate had led to a debate in India that the central bank’s monetary policy in its exuberance for inflation control is stifling growth. Though the rise and fall of inflation in the aftermath of the global financial crisis has closely followed the supply shocks, milder monetary policy tightening is required for moderating the negative effects of these shocks.