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Food Sovereignty under WTO

The interim solution to the problem of whether to allow public stockholding of food stocks for food security purposes in the World Trade Organization was arrived at during the Bali Ministerial Conference held in 2013 and subsequently by the General Council of the WTO in November 2014. However, the commitment to agree to a permanent solution by the 11th Ministerial Conference did not materialise. The United States and some other members reneged on their commitment to finding a permanent solution, effectively undermining the WTO itself. Developing country members have to persist for a permanent solution.

India and the Shadow of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Using studies by influential think tanks in the US, commentators in India have sought to argue that India will face adverse consequences by staying out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the mega trade agreement concluded recently. While these studies are based on questionable assumptions, no consideration has been given to the cost for India if it were to join the TPP. It can only be hoped that this imbalanced public discourse will not persuade the government to make attempts at joining the TPP.

Medical Negligence and Rights Violation

The poor quality of care that women receive in tubectomy camps in UP translates into a heavy burden of failure, morbidity and often mortality. There is an urgent need to ensure that standards of care are implemented and some form of redressal mechanism established.

Protest against Dominant Socio-Cultural Norms

The experience of some NGOs reveals a gradual shrinking of space for rights-related work and any form of protest against mainstream cultural and social norms. Such organisations, especially those working on gender or sexuality-based discrimination, are becoming increasingly vulnerable to attacks from several quarters. It remains to be seen whether progressive groups and individuals are able to see the pattern and come together. But feminist groups, as well as many men, are increasingly joining hands in this struggle.

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