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Articles By Abhijit Bhattacharya

Death in Police Custody

Mismanagement of Indian Management Education

The Indian management education system, imported from the United States in the early 1960s, is in a state of crisis. The business schools lack strategic focus, with everyone trying to teach everything - the "everything-to-everybody" model. Adopted by the Indian Institutes of Management and copied by the rest, this model leaves little time for creative thinking. It has also led to faculty shortage and has resulted in low levels of research output and competence, ensuring mediocrity in the system. The schools have become teaching shops, and with the entry of foreign schools it will be time for hundreds of B-schools to migrate to the next emerging area of easy profit.

Bringing Academic Rigour to the Field of Entrepreneurship in India

Though India has a good number of Schumpeterian entrepreneurs who have made the country a frontrunner in information technology, the country also has a large number of micro and small enterprises which have not been growing much but account for about 90 per cent of total employment. Hence, from the policymaking perspective it is essential to figure out what needs to be done on one side to create more Schumpeterian entrepreneurs for more wealth creation, and on the other side to improve performance of non-entrepreneurial small businesses.