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Of Whales and Wheels

There is a genre of tales in Buddhist narrative traditions that relates the ordeals of bodhisattvas who gave of themselves freely, to feed the hungry and bring succour to those in pain. Such giving was not merely metaphorical; often the bodhisattva consents to a dismembering of their body, or body...

An Epistemic Change?

It was the Central Legislative Assembly of British India that first enacted the Foreigners Act, 1946, giving the government the powers to deal with “foreigners” in India. The enigmatic definition of the term “foreigner” in it was “one who is not Indian.” In December 1955, Parliament enacted the...

Ambedkar’s Feminism

Virtually every day, the most brutal, most gruesome rapes of Indian girls and women fill the headlines. From where does this vicious misogyny come? Why are Indian boys still brought up as little kings, while Indian girls, in sharp contrast, are disciplined to be obedient domestic servants? A profound, deeply ugly bias against women pervades Indian culture, even today. Our political leaders—who are virtually all men—do nothing about it. Why should they? It benefits them, after all.


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