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Wage Rates of Agricultural Labourers in Kerala

THE behaviour of the wage rates of agricultural labourers in Kerala has attracted particular attention in recent years. According to a comparative study of wage rate movements in the IADP districts in various states between 1962- 63 and 1967-68, daily real wage rate recorded the maximum percentage increase in the Alleppey and Palghat districts of Kerala, although the growth of agricultural production associated with the Green Revolution has been much greater in the IADP districts of other states like Punjab, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat. 1 The purpose of this article is to go in detail into the level, fluctuations and trend of wage rates for agricultural labourers in the whole of Kerala to see to what extent the phenomenon observed in the two IADP districts obtained in the other districts of the state.

Direct Estimation of Surplus Labour in Agriculture

Agriculture Ashok Rudra (in collaboration with Ramdev Biswas) It was once a very widely held idea that one of the characteristic symptoms of underdevelopment was the existence of surplus labour in agriculture. While it was recognised that there were backward economies that were not labour surplus, there never was any supposition that the Indian economy was one of them. However, this universally held idea has been under attack during the last several years. The challenging view would have it that the labour surplus is illusory; that traditional agriculture is efficient enough to make full use of the total supply of labour in agriculture.
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