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The Reformed 'Planning Commission'

The government must recognise that one source of China’s strategic economic growth is an institution with strategic planning capacities, the National Development and Reform Commission. The success of China with the NDRC tells us that fiscal decentralisation, accountability mechanisms, experimentation, learning, and openness to expertise form the core of any institution that seeks to provide vision and strategic economic planning. Further, strategic planning institutions in Asian economies, like India’s Planning Commission, have helped deal with various regional and global economic crises; a lesson we must keep in mind.

Yojana Bhawan: Obiter Dictum

Now that the government has decided to abolish the Planning Commission and create a new body in its place, the question is what form and shape should the replacement take? Three articles discuss different aspects of the old and the likely new body. The first article here offers a detailed review of the history of planning dating from the Soviet era and outlines the different strands of thought that fed into the Indian experience with planning and argues that what was needed was a restructuring of the commission and not its abolition.

Reorienting the Plan Process and Revitalising the Planning Commission

What needs to be done to give the plan process a new content and direction, and make the proposed National Development and Reform Commission an effective body?
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