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Call for paper

International Conference

Public Finance: Theory, Practice and Challenges

Organised by

Centre for Economic Policy and Public Finance (CEPPF)

 Asian Development Research Institute (ADRI), Patna

November 25-26, 2018 / Patna


In a situation where the state is expected to perform only minimal functions like the maintenance of law and order, provision of public goods and ensuring territorial integrity, management of public finance comprises a far more challenging task of resource generation, resource allocation and expenditure management. But, the modern state has a much wider agenda; it is expected to promote economic activity and ensure all-round development. In this scenario, the governmental practices for public finance in today's world - developed or developing - impact practically every dimension of the economy — growth trend, developmental impact, stability of the economy, and several other issues. Globalization, which embraces the financial sector even more than others, adds another challenging dimension to public finance. Although a substantial and informative set of literature on management of public finance in India exists, and it is probably the same for many other countries, there is lesser availability of ‘comparative’ studies on the issue.

We are looking for research papers for the following thematic sessions:

  1. Tax Policy and Reforms (Resource mobilization aspects of public finance)
  2. Allocative Dimensions (Distribution of the expenditure in terms of sectors, revenue and capital, developmental and non-developmental, etc)
  3. Efficiency Dimensions (Comparison of outlay-output-outcome, distribution of expenditure between salary and non-salary, returns to investment, etc.)
  4. Deficits and Debt (Sustainability and management)
  5. Fiscal Federation (Central, state and local finance, inter-governmental transfers) 
  6. Environmental Challenges (Response of the state towards the new challenge of environmental protection)
  7. Coordinated Calibration of Fiscal and Monetary Policy (Possible sources of mismatch, institutions of checks and balance and other aspects)

Please send an abstract and a 2-page academic CV to by March 31, 2018. Selected participants will be provided all travel and local hospitality to attend the conference. 


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