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The Telengana Armed Struggle

Barry Pavier Without understanding the nature of the Hyderabad economy and the nature of the State, it is not possible to understand what went on in Telengana in 1946-1951. This brief article makes an initial, tentative attempt to suggest some possible lines of enquiry.

Changing Pattern of Inter-Party Competition

in Uttar Pradesh An Analysis of the 1974 Election V B Singh Though many political parties suffered a decline in their share of votes in the Uttar Pradesh election earlier this year, they registered substantial increases in their share of seats in the Assembly. The one to benefit most from this electoral phenomenon was, of course, the ruling party. This has caused serious concern about the 'unrepresentativeness' of our electoral system. The widening gap between electoral wishes and poll results has visibly increased with this election.

Indian Peasant Uprisings

Kathleen Gough Indian peasants have a long tradition of armed uprisings, reaching back at least to the initial British conquest and the last decades of Moghul government. For more than 200 years peasants in all the major regions have risen repeatedly against landlords, revenue agents and other bureaucrats, moneylenders, police and military forces. During this period there have been at least 77 revolts, the smallest of which probably engaged several thousand peasants in active support or in combat. About 30 of these revolts must have affected tens of thousands of peasants, and about 12, several hundreds of thousands. The uprisings were responses to deprivation of unusually severe character, always economic, and often also involving physical brutality or ethnic persecution.

The Upsurge in Gujarat

Ghanshyam Shah The political upheaval which shook Gujarat for full two months early this year was unprecedented in the history of post-Independence India. No town remained untouched by the upsurge. Tensions also prevailed in some parts of the countryside. The agitation, spearheaded by the student community, took various forms. During the agitation about one hundred persons died and a large number were injured in police firings at different places.
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