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Governments take the easy way out by offering compensation rather than ensuring safe alcohol.
Constructed as a marketplace of views, social media tends to favour privilege, and the privileged.


The connections between the personalities of people consuming digital goods and their valuation of the well-being it generates for them, and their collective behaviour are examined.

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As necessary as the power of taxation is to the functioning of a proper government, constitutionalism and the rule of law require that the government’s powers to levy and collect tax should be governed by the letter of the law.

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Revisiting Nuclear India: Strategic Culture and (In)Security Imaginary by Runa Das, New Delhi: Sage Publications, 2015; pp 340, ` 738 .

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Following its mandate to double farmers’ income by 2022, the central government has enacted a separate model contract farming act in 2018 based on the perception that contract farming is one of the several pathways for doubling farm income.
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