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Repression in Jharkhand

While speaking at the Jharkhand Conclave 2025, organised by Prabhat Khabar on 13 August 2017 in Ranchi, economist and social activist Jean Drèze was heckled and shouted at by sitting ministers of the Jharkhand government, and was forced to discontinue his speech.

EPW, Onwards

This is in connection with Sumanta Banerjee’s article, “Remembering the Past, Continuing with the Present” (EPW, 12 August 2017).

From Bar to Bench to Bar

Justice Tirath Singh Thakur superannuated on 3 January 2017. Some would term his tenure as the 43rd Chief Justice of India (CJI) tumultuous. The apex court and the union government’s relations were quite uneasy during the period.

Noel Sheth S J (1943–2017)

Noel Sheth S J journeyed through life with purpose. His Jesuit identity always before him, he applied himself meticulously to every task with the hope that it would benefit others. The eldest of four brothers, he lost his father when he and his siblings were still young.


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