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Choosing Nationhood

The Catalonia crisis holds out important lessons for other nation states.

Losing Your Religion

Where does a woman stand with respect to the freedom of religion as a fundamental right?

Poison in the Field

Toxic and unregulated pesticides are killing farmers and labourers.

Why Gauri Lives On

We need to act against the deliberate erosion of the legitimate role of a free press.

Fatal Planning

Will urban planners learn from the death of 23 rail passengers in Mumbai?

Monstrous Indian Income Inequality

There is a dire need to rise above the empirical level in explaining income inequality.

Eating Food, Not Cash

Replacing food rations with cash could effectively undercut efforts to reduce malnutrition.

Breaking Free

Women students protesting at Banaras Hindu University reflects a wider demand for rights.

The Macroeconomic Malaise

The Modi government has little to show after three years of grand announcements.

Children Deserve Safety

Sexual abuse of children in schools has exposed the loopholes in child protection laws.

Bharatiya Janata Party’s Achilles’ Heel

The ruling party’s neglect of the “rural” is proving to be fiscally and politically expensive.

The Dam and the Post-truth

The Sardar Sarovar dam exemplifies unjust and unsustainable development.


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