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​The Whistling Village

Kongthong village has created a distinctive identity for itself owing to the unique folk practice of Jingrwai Iawbei.

Is Dylan Literature?

The unilluminating debate around Dylan’s songs and the Nobel for literature is put to rest.

Jayalalithaa and I

J Jayalalithaa’s biographer writes about the injunction on her book and her experience of the curb on her freedom.

Neither God, Nor Demon

In the 147th year of his birth anniversary, any search for the true essence of Gandhi must necessarily transcend essentialism and iconisation, and view him as a human being, not a god or a demon.

Dhoondtey Reh Jao Ge

In the elusive search for black money, post the November demonetisation of ₹500 and ₹1,000 notes, anyone who asks for evidence runs the risk of being labelled anti-national.

Demonetised, Delinked

As smaller denominations get demonetised, it’s the marginalised urban poor and the lower middle class who get delinked from local economic narratives.

Slam the Mike

To wonder whether slam poetry in Kuwait is organic or imported and alien is to miss the point that it at least catalysed the emergence of Arab identity in the first place.

The Desert Women

By being both suppressed and defiant, the women of the villages of Rajasthan display an ability to persevere and survive, and offer subversion in a tradition of resistance.


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