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Selling Dreams Down the River

The Narmada Parikrama, which politicians of Madhya Pradesh are cynically taking advantage of before the state’s assembly election next year, is acenturies-old practice.

A Turn in the South

Armed with stereotypes about Malayalis, a teacher from Mangaluru is charmed by them after a month-long stay in Kerala.

At the Ashram

A cross-legged guru playing Krishna, midnight dancing sessions, genuine social works, and an emaciated child on a fast leave a visitor disoriented.

Monkey Business

We should not be surprised that demonetisation, announced a year ago, failed to stem counterfeiting, an art as old as coinage itself.

Plot of Gold

The life story of Dakxin Chhara, who belongs to a tribe that the British ignorantly labelled as “criminal,” is as gripping as his first feature film, Sameer.

Child’s Play

Teaching children to plan, exercise self-control and develop flexibility in thinking is as important for helping them succeed and attain goals as is nurturing their intellect.

In Praise of Doubt

Society may be better able to deal with differences if individuals hold their values lightly and think of morality not as a set of ideas, but attitudes and processes.


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