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Maruti Suzuki workers have bravely faced a repressive management and a complicit state.
Having raised hopes to unrealistic levels, Modi has to re-emphasise the Sangh’s majoritarian agenda.


While there is no disagreement that widening regional disparities is an empirical fact and a major developmental concern, the inference drawn in Prerna Sanga and Abdul Shaban (“Regional Divergence and Inequalities in India,”EPW, 7 January 2017) on convergence is misleading, and disregards conceptual underpinnings.

Special Articles

Ensuring good governance while devolving the 3Fs— functions, funds and functionaries—is a formidable challenge.


The editorial “Force-feeding Aadhaar” (EPW, 11 March 2017) states: “the Supreme Court’s puzzling order in February 2017—diametrically opposed to its orders about not making Aadhaar mandatory—to make the linking of all SIM (subscriber identity modules in mobile phones) cards with Aadhaar numbers compulsory.

Book Reviews

State Formation and the Establishment of Non-Muslim Hegemony: Post-Mughal 19th-century Punjab by Rishi Singh, New Delhi: Sage, 2015; pp ix+232, ₹895.
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