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Women and Work edited by Padmini Swaminathan

For women, the notion of work is a complex interplay of economic, cultural, social and personal factors. This volume analyses the concept of ‘work’, the economic contribution of women and gendering of work, while focusing on women engaged in varied work all over India.

Pp xii + 394 Rs 645 ISBN 978-81-250-4777-3 2012

Decentralisation and Local Governments edited by T R Raghunandan

The idea, from the Indian national movement, of devolving power to local governments resulted in the decentralisation of the government post-Independence. A collection of papers discusses the constitutional and policy decisions, and various facets of establishing and strengthening local self-governments.

Pp xii + 432 Rs 695 ISBN 978-81-250-4883-1 2012


The Adivasi Question edited by Indra Munshi

Depletion of forests has eroded the survival base of adivasis, displacing them and leading to systematic alienation. This volume discusses questions of community rights and ownership, management of forests, the state’s rehabilitation policies, and the Forest Rights Act.

Pp xi + 408 Rs 695 ISBN 978-81-250-4716-2

Village Society Edited by Surinder S Jodhka

The village is an important idea in the history of post-Independence India. A collection of articles that covers various features of village society: caste and community, land and labour, migration, discrimination and use of common property resources.


Pp x + 252 Rs 325 ISBN 978-81-250-4603-5


Environment, Technology and Development edited by Rohan D’Souza
The concepts of environment, technology and development have shaped our understanding of the world. This volume presents articles across disciplines, perspectives and ideologies that map the main conceptual lines and identify where they converge
and diverge.
Pp x + 394 Rs 495 ISBN 978-81-250-4506-9
Economic Reforms and Growth in India edited by Pulapre Balakrishnan
A complement to studies addressing a wide set of issues around the economy since 1990, this volume investigates the nature of economic growth in India, its relationship to changes in the policy regime and the role of the external sector.
Pp xiv + 454 Rs 445 ISBN 978-81-250-4271-6