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Despite improvements and a multitude of health initiatives over the years, India continues to grapple with high maternal mortality, limited access to healthcare, nutrition disparities, and mental health concerns. The challenge becomes further compounded when we consider the intersectionalities such

Gail Omvedt, writes Surinder S Jodhka, “was very clearly a different kind of scholar.” Born in the United States, Gail Omvedt arrived in India for the first time in 1963, stayed for a year, and came back to India in 1971 to complete her graduate-level dissertation on Jotirao Phule’s Non-Brahmin

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to radically alter almost all spheres of human life. This is because it allows for quick processing of vast amounts of data and makes predictions or decisions that would be otherwise rather impossible for humans to do in a reasonable amount of time. AI