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Vol. 44, Issue No.39, September 26, 2009

National Election Study 2009
How Did Women Vote in Lok Sabha Elections 2009?
    Rajeshwari Deshpande

West Bengal: Mandate for Change
    Jyotiprasad Chatterjee and Suprio Basu

Leadership at the State Level Mattered
    Sandeep Shastri

Arunachal: Emergence of Issue-Based Politics?
    Nani Bath

Whither Muslim Politics?
    Mohd Sanjeer Alam

Assam: A Fractured Verdict
    Sandhya Goswami

Dalits Voting Patterns
    Rahul Verma

Manipur: Congress Triumphant
    S Mangi Singh

Urban Patterns of Voting and Party Choices
    Vanita Leah Falcao

Meghalaya: Verdict on Expected Lines
    R K Satpathy

Electoral Participation among the Adivasi Community
    Divya Vaid

On the Electoral Process
    Banasmita Bora

Andhra Pradesh: A Vote for Status Quo?
    K C Suri, P Narasimha Rao, and V Anji Reddy

Karnataka: A Default Win for the BJP
    B S Padmavathi, Sandeep Shastri, and Veena Devi

Kerala: A Negative Verdict on LDF Government
    K M Sajad Ibrahim

Tamil Nadu: Against Expectations
    G Koteswara Prasad

Chhattisgarh: An Emphatic Win for the BJP
    Anupama Saxena and Praveen Rai

Madhya Pradesh: Congress Makes Unexpected Gains
    Ram Shankar and Yatindra Singh Sisodia

Between Fortuna and Virtu: Explaining the Congress' Ambiguous Victory in 2009
    Suhas Palshikar and Yogendra Yadav

Goa: Return of the North-South Divide
    Maria Do Ceu Rodrigues

Patterns of Political Participation: Trends and Perspective
    Sanjay Kumar

Gujarat: BJP Scrapes Through
    Mahashweta Jani

Alliances and Lessons of Election 2009
    K K Kailash

Maharashtra: Congress-NCP Manages Victory
    Nitin Birmal and Rajeshwari Deshpande

Are National Elections Any More Than Aggregations of State-Level Verdicts?
    Pradeep Chhibber

Bihar: Development Matters
    Rakesh Ranjan and Sanjay Kumar

The Economy and Voting in the 15th Lok Sabha Elections
    K C Suri

Jharkhand: Politics of Performance
    B K Sinha and Harishwar Dayal

Political Communalisation of Religions and the Crisis of Secularism
    D L Sheth

Naveen Patnaik Authors a New Chapter for Orissa
    Surya Narayan Misra

Issues in General Election 2009
    Praveen Rai

Sikkim: Politics of Inclusiveness and One-Party Dominance
    Mukund Giri

Mizoram: The Congress Holds Its Ground
    Lallian Chhunga

Nagaland: Behind the Curtain
    Amongla N Jamir

Fifth Victory in a Row for CPI(M) in Tripura
    Mousami Debbarma and Sukhendu Debbarma

Delhi Elections - The 'Local' Matters
    Biswajit Mohanty

Haryana: Congress Retains Its Electoral Supremacy
    Kushal Pal and Praveen Rai

Himachal Pradesh: Pro-Incumbency Helps the BJP
    Ramesh K Chauhan and S N Ghosh

Punjab: Resurgence of the Congress
    Ashutosh Kumar and Jagroop Singh Sekhon

Rajasthan: Performance and Campaigning Pay Dividends
    Sanjay Lodha

Uttar Pradesh: Signs of a Congress Revival?
    Mirza Asmer Beg and Suhir Kumar

Uttarakhand: Congress Outperforms Its Opponents
    Annpurna Nautiyal

National Election Study 2009: A Methodological Note
    Lokniti Team

National Election Study- Statistics (Appendix I, Appendix II, Appendix III)

National Election Study- Statistics- (appendix III, IV) Statewise

Book Reviews
Challenges in Ensuring Elementary Education for All
    Amarendra Das

Perilous Trans-Border Journeys
    M S S Pandian

Portraits of Global Youth
    Tista Nayak

A Fairy Tale on Groundwater
    Nitin Bassi, Manoj Kumar Sharma, and M V Sivamohan

Bilingual Intellectuals in Karnataka
    V K Natraj