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Politics and Black Money

The government pays lip service to curbing the use of illegal funds by political parties.

Belligerent Nationalism

New Delhi is bent on changing the rules of its diplomatic and military engagement with Islamabad.

Firing Up the Fireworks Debate

Fireworks, otherwise known as “explosives,” are, above all, health, environmental and fire hazards.

Fast Losing Currency

The people of India continue to bear the brunt of Modi’s adventurism, and respite is nowhere in sight.

Treat, Do Not Shame

The law addressing the needs of people afflicted with HIV/AIDS needs to be enacted urgently.

Trumping Climate Change

Environmentalists are justifiably anxious about the future direction of United States policy.

Checking Conflicts of Interest

An ex-Gujarat minister's private investments while in public office has highlighted the need for a law.

What Were They Thinking?

The thoughtless and unprepared announcement to demonetise continues to add to people's misery.


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