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What Were They Thinking?

The thoughtless and unprepared announcement to demonetise continues to add to people's misery.

Insidious Censorship

The ban on NDTV India should ring warning bells about the future.

Theatrics on Black Money

Demonetisation of currency will have little if any effect on the black economy in India.

Brute Assertion of Power

The Supreme Court must step in to ensure that the principle of an open court is upheld in Kerala.

The Malkangiri 'Encounter'

Impunity breeds contempt for the law; so does the neo-robber baron capitalist imperative.

Stamping Out a 'Bad' Habit

Ask no questions and you'll be told no lies on the Bhopal encounter killings.

Kashmir's Lonely Struggle

Indians cannot be free if we enslave and brutalise a people for demanding azaadi from India.

In the Name of Women

The BJP is cynically manipulating Muslim women's plea to abolish triple talaq to pander to the majority.

'Lesser Evil' Electoral Reasoning

Is voting for the lesser of the two evils in the American presidential election such a bad thing to do?


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