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An Unambiguous Indictment

The assault on Adivasi women in Chhattisgarh must be stopped, not just compensated.


A ‘Greater Israel’ in the Making?

Trump seems to be bent on jettisoning the “two-state solution” to the Arab–Israeli conflict.

Buried under Neglect

India’s latest mining accident yet again points to neglect of basic safety principles.

Post-truth India

The Prime Minister’s year-end speech was a classic case of demagoguery.

Race and Caste

Caste is even more incompatible with the development of working-class consciousness than race.

In the ‘Third Degree’

India desperately needs a law and the enforcement of the existing codes to stop custodial torture.

Loss of Reputation

The Reserve Bank of India has allowed its credibility to be damaged by the government.

Reducing Suicides

Prevalence of suicide in India is a public health issue and must be addressed as one.

The Dalit Question

Dalit liberation is essential to the liberation of all the Indian people, and impossible without it.

Manipur’s Season of Sorrow

Cynical politics by state and centre has devastated this northeastern state.

A Just Step Forward

The disabilities bill is welcome, but falls short on some key issues.

From Notebandi to Nasbandi

Mass sterilisation as the way to curb population growth is dangerous talk.


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