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Perpetual Areas of Darkness

Malnutrition deaths in Maharashtra's tribal belt expose indifference of successive governments.

Reckless Hindutvavadi 'Patriots'

Following Uri, what emboldened the Hindutvavadi "patriots" to stridently gun for military action?

The Problem with 'Targeting'

In its zeal to achieve numerical goals, the government is jeopardising the efficacy of welfare schemes.

The China Spectre

Washington is obsessed with putting an end to the economic and geopolitical advance of Beijing.

Water Wars

We need credible institutions to settle water-sharing disputes like the one on the Cauvery.

Modi, Mukesh and a Moment in Time

It is unclear if Reliance will cripple Airtel, Idea and Vodafone by its audacious moves.

The Court Fails the Citizen

The dismissal of the case on misuse of the sedition law suggests the Supreme Court is removed from reality.

Striking for Their Right

General strikes are important political interventions allowing for workers' voices to be heard.

Dead Weight of Healthcare

Majhi's tragic tale of carrying his dead wife reminds us of the pathetic state of health in India.

More Hype than Substance

The benefi ts of schemes to save subsidies on kerosene and cooking gas are exaggerated.

The Cost of Curfew

By imposing 54 days of curfew, the government has turned Kashmir into a giant prison.

Enemies of the People?

Trump or Clinton in the Oval Office, a more overbearing, high-handed power structure is on the anvil.


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