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Modi and the Yogi

They are two sides of the same coin, committed to the same goals.

Setting an Example

Maruti Suzuki workers have bravely faced a repressive management and a complicit state.

Unbearable Burden of Expectations

Having raised hopes to unrealistic levels, Modi has to re-emphasise the Sangh’s majoritarian agenda.

Force-feeding Aadhaar

The lines between the welfare state and the surveillance state are fast blurring.

Growth Guesstimates

India’s economy is stumbling, but “alternative facts” suggest high growth despite demonetisation.

How ‘National’ Beat ‘Regional’

The BJP’s victory in Maharashtra’s local elections exposes the weakness of regional parties.

Right to Safe Abortion Care

The much-awaited amendments to the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act should be adopted.

Private Accumulation Rehabilitation Agency

The Economic Survey’s proposed treatment of the “festering twin balance sheet problem” is only a band-aid.

Poisons in the Air

Why deny the reality that air pollution is killing millions in India, especially the poor?

University as Battleground

India’s university students are reminding us that democracy means dissent.


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