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Loveless Patriarchy

The patriarchal complex of state, society and family converge to deny Hadiya both agency and dignity.

A Small Step Forward

The Supreme Court has successfully traversed a potential minefield in the triple talaq case.

When Children Die

The death of 70 children in a Gorakhpur hospital indicts us as a nation.

More of the Same

The Economic Survey, Volume II is innovative but once again within a narrow reform agenda.

Threescore and Ten

Do we today celebrate our independence, or mourn all the lost opportunities?

Games Coalitions Play

By deserting the mahagathbandhan , Nitish Kumar has exposed the cynical game of coalition politics.

In the Name of Justice

Courts should fix a broken justice system instead of trying to “save” the Indian family.

Tank Nationalism

There is a distinct shift in the relation between the Indian nationalist imaginary and the armed forces.

Governing the Flood

Dealing with annual fl oods in prone areas needs more than just a disaster response.

The Breath of Death

Occupational diseases like silicosis have been neglected for too long.


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