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Death Sentence for Mother Earth

The executioner is Donald Trump backed by fossil-fuel capital and virulent anti-environmentalism.

How to Silence Critics

By targeting critical voices like NDTV, the government is sending out a message.

A Bitter Pill to Swallow

An e-platform for sale of medicines cannot work without regulating drug prescription and consumption. 

‘Holy Cow’ Politics

The new rules banning market trading of cattle for slaughter are unconstitutional and un-Hindu. 

Growth Falls

Slower growth in the last two quarters of 2016–17 confirms the damage caused by demonetisation. 

In the Name of the Mother

Two separate government decisions on maternity benefits smack of discrimination.

Lessons from ‘Coalgate’

The conviction of a retired senior civil servant raises important questions about law enforcement in India.

Troubling Signs

The fall in inward remittances to India is a matter of concern for various reasons.

Dalit Assertion in Uttar Pradesh

The emergence of the Bheem Army in Saharanpur suggests a new aggression amongst UP Dalits.

The New Silk Road

China’s Belt and Road Initiative is a geopolitical and economic master stroke.

Can They Come Together?

The opposition needs to move beyond personalities to an alternative vision.

At the Public Expense

Why should the financial distress of the private corporate sector be borne by the public sector?


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