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One Cheer for the Court

The apex court’s order in the Babri Masjid case does not address systemic problems.

Clear Message from Kashmir

The virtual boycott of the parliamentary bypoll shows us the extent of disillusionment with the Indian state.

America’s Reckless Syria Policy

Trump’s military action in Syria will further the fortunes of the Salafi jihadist forces.

Long Way to Go

NFHS-4 data shows improvements in health status, yet serious concerns remain.

Subversive Silence

The Vyapam scam is a frightening reminder of cynicism and impunity.

A Nation in Denial

The attacks on African nationals are ominous pointers to more public violence.

Drawing Blood

Poor public health services are pitting doctors and patients against each other.

Paving the Way for Ram Lalla?

The Supreme Court’s preference of negotiations over adjudication presages an unfair outcome.

Parliament sans Democracy

The Finance Bill, 2017 lands a body blow to the ethos of our democracy.

Right to Healthcare

India cannot, and must not, wait any longer to recognise the right to healthcare.

Hitting the Military Jackpot

The US Seventh Fleet was once a threat; now it is deemed to be an opportunity in more than one sense.


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