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Too NEET and Uniform

Imposition of the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test ignores India’s diversity.

A Twisted Freedom

You are free to say anything only if you agree with those in power.

A Cry for Humanity

​ Islamophobia or resource constraints cannot excuse inaction in the Rohingya crisis.

Message in a Bullet

The assassination of Gauri Lankesh sends out an ominous message to the media.

An Ill-timed Intervention

Merging public sector banks that are in need of capital infusion will only exacerbate problems.

Trumping the Environment

A climate change denier in the White House is bad news for the world.

West Bengal’s Communal Fissures

The recent communal fl are-up in West Bengal is rooted in the region’s history of Hindu–Muslim antagonism.

A Start, Not the Culmination

The right to privacy judgment reaffirms the individual’s right to dignity and freedom.

Deluge and Delusion

Indian cities are drowning because of poor governance and indifference.

An Indefensible Step

Demonetisation was ill-conceived, and the RBI and government have little to show in their defence.


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