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'Problem Animals' Are Not the Real Problem

The government proposal on culling treats only the symptom; the problem is of a declining animal habitat.

Aurangzeb's Last Battle

Our sense of history is stuck in the past; indeed, it is steadily regressing to the era of myths .

Back to the 'Fail–Pass' System?

The call to rescind the no-detention and continuous evaluation policies in schools is misguided .

Unofficial Censors

New forms of resistance to suppression of free expression are needed.

Poison of Demographic Prejudice

India's demographic profile remains stable; it is only the fires of prejudice that are growing.

On the Boil Again

This is a queer situation in Kashmir. About eight Pakistani battalions, comprising more than three thousand men, Gulzarilal Nanda suggests, have infiltraled across the border. Mufti or no mufti, it is certainly astonishing that such a large number could enter without: being accosted, and travel miles on end reaching as far into the interior as Srinagar, the capital city. The suggestion strains credulity. On the other hand, if this is in fact what has happened, it speaks ill extremely ill of our border and security forces.

Grinding Wheels of Justice

The judgments in the Katara murder and Uphaar fire cases show that justice delayed is justice denied.

A Legal Vacuum

The Supreme Court has failed to protect citizens from government illegality on Aadhaar.

Secrecy and Control

Stay tuned for the continuing broadcast of Newspeak from the Ministry of Truth.

The Reserve Bank and the Government

Is there a larger design in the disrespect this government is showing towards institutions?

Politics of Immunisation

The health ministry's move on HPV vaccine feasibility is ill-advised.

The Importance of Protest

By persisting, FTII students have exposed the government's insidious intent.

A Symbolic Presence

There is reluctance to truly empower the National Commission for Women.

After the Hanging

There is no closure; we must ask again why what happened did happen.

Parliament Deadlocked

Obstructionist tactics are becoming tiresome and the Opposition may be tiring too.

Environmental Word Games

When a minister redefines forest diversion as reforestation, we should be worried.

The Car Credo

A car-friendly city is a danger to democracy.

The Hanging Question

Is the death penalty justified within an iniquitous justice system?

Death of the 'Development Round'?

Fourteen years after the Doha Round was launched, plans are on to empty it of its original content.

The Antisocial Media

The new democratic space is being overrun by a viciousness which threatens its very nature.

Witch-hunts and Victimisation

Simply passing laws is not enough to root out witch-hunts and killings.

Open Intimidation

The attack on Teesta Setalvad is part of a larger strategy to suppress dissent.

Limits of the SECC Data

This is not "big data" to be used to cut down welfare expenditure.

Killing the Messengers

Threats to journalists coupled with insidious forms of news control represent another type of censorship.

In the Name of the Mother

The Supreme Court allows an unwed mother to be the sole legal guardian of her child.

Life beyond Debt

The Greek crisis and referendum have laid bare the politics behind economic strictures.

A Killer Mix

Illicit liquor kills the poor, but most culpable is the short-sighted excise policy.

Elusive Smartness

On 25 June, Prime Minister Narendra Modi met more than 500 heads of urban local bodies from all over the country. The New Delhi meeting was also an occasion to unveil flagship schemes for “rejuvenating urban centres” in the country. The Prime Minister launched the government’s Smart City Mission, the Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation, and the Housing for All by 2022 mission.

Resisting 'Sustainable' Communalism

The normalising of communal prejudices and discriminations is a real threat to our republic.

Antithesis of Democracy

A trigger-happy government will only deepen the political mess in the North East.

The Noodle Muddle

The essential discussion should be about the poisons in our food chain.

Modi's Israel Stake

An ideological impetus has been given to a growing, albeit difficult, relationship.

Medical Devices: Imbalance in Policy Thrust

The draft National Medical Device Policy emphasises "Make in India," and ignores quality and pricing.

The Illusionary Road

Mumbai's coastal road project is a recipe for more congestion and pollution.

The New 'Regional Security Provider'

The 2015 India-US defence framework agreement chalks up India as a "regional security provider."

Mid-day Meals and Food Politics

Government-sponsored nutritional schemes cannot be subjected to caste and religious norms.

Making a Show: The Black Money Bill

The Black Money Bill aims to get holders of black money abroad to exploit the amnesty window.

In the Name of Ambedkar

The IITM students have triggered an important debate on free speech.

Myanmar's Election Test

The polls later this year will be Myanmar's first true electoral challenge after the 1990 vote.

India's Killer Heat Waves

Heat waves do not kill, poverty and governmental apathy do.

Kashmir: Another Phase of the Tragedy?

Are the "Ikhwanis" being pressed to resume their stellar role in the counter-insurgency in Kashmir?

India's Attitude towards Sports

The suicide of a teenage sportswoman recently showcases all that is wrong with Indian sports.

Adrift and Alone

The plight of the Rohingya is a test for Asia's humanitarian instinct.

A World to Win

Can India and China deliver a new future to the 21st century?

Salwa Judum, Version 2.0?

Are the knives being readied as another round of "development" is foisted on the Adivasis of Chhattisgarh?

A Tale of Greed and Cynicism

Investigation into Madhya Pradesh's Vyapam scam must be completed quickly.

Death by Neglect

The RTI is virtually being strangled to death by deliberate delays in appointments.

Journalism or Voyeurism

The Indian media must ask itself whether it is still in the business of journalism.

Bringing Women on Board

Corporate India is wrong to drag its feet on appointment of women directors.

A Border Settled

A non-disputed border will help open the political gates for freer movement of people and goods.