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Focus on Economy, Not Deficit

With the global outlook gloomy, the union budget needs to take a larger view of deficits.

No Method in the Madness

The imposition of customs duties on 76 life-saving drugs is arbitrary and senseless.

Rohith's Living Legacy

Rohith Vemula's suicide has catalysed a countrywide movement against discrimination on campuses.

India's Garbage Problem

Mumbai's landfill fire shows that Indian cities are at sea with garbage.

A Chess Game without Vision

There is a deadly and dangerous game going on in West Asia which nobody controls any more.

Some Good News

Health and nutrition indicators have improved, but remain unacceptably low.

Damning the Ganga

No lessons have been learned even after three decades of trying to clean the river.

Cruel Treatment

The government and the Medical Council of India must get more serious about medical education.

Death by Discrimination

Systemic discrimination on caste lines in India's higher education institutions remains unaddressed.

How Do We Combat Droughts ?

Agriculture cannot be revived without a different approach to water, soil, crops and research.

Time to Bell the Cat

Why has India failed to formulate a national security doctrine?


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