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When Children Die

The death of 70 children in a Gorakhpur hospital indicts us as a nation.

More of the Same

The Economic Survey, Volume II is innovative but once again within a narrow reform agenda.

Threescore and Ten

Do we today celebrate our independence, or mourn all the lost opportunities?

Games Coalitions Play

By deserting the mahagathbandhan, Nitish Kumar has exposed the cynical game of coalition politics.

In the Name of Justice

Courts should fix a broken justice system instead of trying to “save” the Indian family.

Tank Nationalism

There is a distinct shift in the relation between the Indian nationalist imaginary and the armed forces.

Governing the Flood

Dealing with annual floods in prone areas needs more than just a disaster response.

The Breath of Death

Occupational diseases like silicosis have been neglected for too long.

Targeting Lalu

The timing of the raids on Lalu Prasad Yadav hints at political vendetta more than accountability.


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