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In the Name of Women

The BJP is cynically manipulating Muslim women's plea to abolish triple talaq to pander to the majority.

Kashmir's Lonely Struggle

Indians cannot be free if we enslave and brutalise a people for demanding azaadi from India.

'Lesser Evil' Electoral Reasoning

Is voting for the lesser of the two evils in the American presidential election such a bad thing to do?

At the Brunt of Tuberculosis

Why is India firefighting tuberculosis without adequate data surveillance?

Setting Repo Rate by Committee

The significance of the Monetary Policy Committee and its first decision are overstated.

Tale of India's 'War on Terror'

Claiming the military prowess of a "great power," India's self-styled patriots are having a field day.

Selling the Family Silver

Is the Modi government repeating the mistakes of the Vajpayee government in pushing privatisation?

Fooling the Public

There is nothing "historic" about ratifying the Paris Agreement on climate change.

Reckless Hindutvavadi 'Patriots'

Following Uri, what emboldened the Hindutvavadi "patriots" to stridently gun for military action?

Perpetual Areas of Darkness

Malnutrition deaths in Maharashtra's tribal belt expose indifference of successive governments.


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