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Misery in the Tea Gardens

Tea plantation workers face starvation, trafficking and political neglect.

How Does One Deal with Drink?

Indian society needs to have a different relationship with liquor; neither prohibition nor free sale is an answer.

Partners in Washington's 'Pivot'

New Delhi moves closer to Washington's main strategic partners in the Asia-Pacific - Tokyo and Canberra.

The Forgotten Ones

Only a strict monitoring system can abolish the misery of India's under-trial prisoners.

More Tears for Kashmir

The devastation caused by the floods could have been avoided with better planning.

Their Time - Teachers' Day

Shouldn't students and teachers have the freedom to decide how to celebrate Teachers' Day?

Taking on ISIS

There is just no easy and clear way to defeat the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

Back to Basics

Now that "development" has delivered the votes, the BJP is back to hard-line Hindutva.

Indulging the Hate-mongers

The victims of the anti-Christian Kandhamal riots still await justice and rehabilitation.

Saving Sharmila

The response to Irom Sharmila's fast should be negotiation, not force-feeding.

Off With Its Head

Without much thought or foresight the Planning Commission is to be done away with.

No Cure for the Malaise

A law passed in haste will replace the flawed judicial collegium with yet another flawed system.

Masters of War

The groundwork for a new India-US Defence Framework Agreement is being laid.

When Will They Ever Learn

Ecologically insensitive developmental policies cause "natural" disasters like Malin.

Wages of Communal Polarisation

Communal tension and violence persist in western UP as the BJP seeks to advance its reactionary agenda

Protecting the Future

We need to institute decisive preventive and curative measures to counteract the high incidence 0f TB among children.

The Reign of Non-History

Do the attacks on the discipline of History presage worse days ahead?

Rejection of an Imbalance

India was in the right to reject the asymmetry in progress on the Bali package of the World Trade Organisation.

India and Israel: An Embrace in Arms

Rethinking Indo-Israeli relations involves rejection of the one-dimensional conception of security.

Juvenile Public Rage

The law should not be changed to pander to mediatised public panics.

Rangarajan's Measure of Poverty

We now have a new official measure of poverty, but does it tell us anything more?

Reinventing Governors

Rather than abolish governors, we need to rethink how to strengthen this institution.

Neglect of the Working Emigrant

Indian overseas workers deserve more attention from the government.

The Fortaleza Twins

Will the Fortaleza twins be adversaries of the Bretton Woods institutions?

Modi and Modified Crops

India must stay with the precautionary principle with regard to genetically-modified crops.

Once More in Gaza

Yet another wave of Israeli bombardment takes place without global protests.

Why Women Need 498A

The Supreme Court has overlooked the reality of domestic violence.

Overcoming Sub-5% Growth

Believing that "contractionary" fiscal policy is expansionary risks the well-being of the Indian people.

When the Government Leans on Judges

Is the Gopal Subramanium case a harbinger of the executive asserting its power?

Onwards to the Neo-Economy

Concession to capital and financial jugglery mark the new government's first budget.

The Responsibility for Iraq

The wages of the US invasion, occupation and meddling are now being paid by the people of Iraq.

Reviving the Golden Fibre

Jute workers' violence is a desperate cry for help.

Race to the Bottom

The Modi government's labour policy seeks to remove workers' protection to increase business competitiveness.

Beautiful Game, Ugly Administration

The administration of football does not measure up to the standards set by its best practitioners on the field.

Murder Most Foul

The killing of Mohsin Sheikh is an indictment of all sections of "progressive" Maharashtra.

Lessons from a Hanging

The Budaun rape and murder exposes the everyday reality of sexual violence.

Mission Impossible

The Maharashtra government is bent on moral policing rather than simply maintaining law and order.

AAP at the Crossroads

Futile tactical approaches to governance and failure to build on its success in Delhi have hurt AAP.

No Freedom to Despise

Signs of serious curbs on freedom of expression are already evident.

Debating Electoral Systems

The first-past-the-post system remains preferable over proportional representation.

Fall of the Left

What explains the fall of the parliamentary left and what sort of politics can revive it?

Hostage to Questionable Priors

The RBI's Nayak panel goes beyond its mandate to recommend a dismantling of government stakes in banks.

Of Dharma and Artha

How will the king (Narendra Modi) be guided by his raj guru (the RSS)?

Punishing Dalit Assertiveness

Maharashtra's shamefullist of atrocities against dalits is growing.

Solidarity with Nigeria's Schoolgirls

Poverty, inequality and poor governance have emboldened Boko Haram's barbarities.

Fourth Estate That Vanished

Was it an independent media or an extended arm of the Modi campaign that we saw ahead of the polls?

Anger, Aspiration, Apprehension

Narendra Modi has won a massive victory but his ascendance does not portend positive change.

Time to Act Is Now

India must act urgently on WHO’s report on resistance to antibiotics.

'Modi Sarkar' and the Economy

Will the wielding of an aggressive neo-liberal foot and hand revive the economy?

The Election and Its Commission

Overburdened with expectations, the Election Commission often undermines fairness to appear neutral.