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Antithesis of Democracy

A trigger-happy government will only deepen the political mess in the North East.

The Noodle Muddle

The essential discussion should be about the poisons in our food chain.

Modi's Israel Stake

An ideological impetus has been given to a growing, albeit difficult, relationship.

Medical Devices: Imbalance in Policy Thrust

The draft National Medical Device Policy emphasises "Make in India," and ignores quality and pricing.

The Illusionary Road

Mumbai's coastal road project is a recipe for more congestion and pollution.

The New 'Regional Security Provider'

The 2015 India-US defence framework agreement chalks up India as a "regional security provider."

Mid-day Meals and Food Politics

Government-sponsored nutritional schemes cannot be subjected to caste and religious norms.

Making a Show: The Black Money Bill

The Black Money Bill aims to get holders of black money abroad to exploit the amnesty window.

In the Name of Ambedkar

The IITM students have triggered an important debate on free speech.

Myanmar's Election Test

The polls later this year will be Myanmar's first true electoral challenge after the 1990 vote.

India's Killer Heat Waves

Heat waves do not kill, poverty and governmental apathy do.

Kashmir: Another Phase of the Tragedy?

Are the "Ikhwanis" being pressed to resume their stellar role in the counter-insurgency in Kashmir?

India's Attitude towards Sports

The suicide of a teenage sportswoman recently showcases all that is wrong with Indian sports.

Adrift and Alone

The plight of the Rohingya is a test for Asia's humanitarian instinct.

A World to Win

Can India and China deliver a new future to the 21st century?

Salwa Judum, Version 2.0?

Are the knives being readied as another round of "development" is foisted on the Adivasis of Chhattisgarh?

A Tale of Greed and Cynicism

Investigation into Madhya Pradesh's Vyapam scam must be completed quickly.

Death by Neglect

The RTI is virtually being strangled to death by deliberate delays in appointments.

Journalism or Voyeurism

The Indian media must ask itself whether it is still in the business of journalism.

Bringing Women on Board

Corporate India is wrong to drag its feet on appointment of women directors.

A Border Settled

A non-disputed border will help open the political gates for freer movement of people and goods.

Reunified 'Janata Parivar'-Now What?

The legacy of Ram Manohar Lohia suggests a programme for the reunified Janata Parivar.

Pharma Patents after 10 Years

Ten years on, the progressive provisions of the amended Indian Patents Act are being watered down.

A Reputation for Rescue and Relief

We must save as many lives as possible, but why should we shamelessly seek brownie points for it?

Strategy to Quash Dissent

It is not foreign funds but uncomfortable questions that the government fears.

The Rafale Storm

What does it say about the Government of India that it took an ad hoc decision on the Rafale?

Change of Guard

Can the CPI(M) meet the challenges of 21st century India?

Let the Children Play

Child labour laws must be based on the right of all children to a childhood.

Where Is the Proof?

A crucial committee fi nds no "Indian evidence" that tobacco consumption leads to cancer.

Social Sector Spending in 2015-16

The states now have an opportunity to set their own priorities in the social sector.

Nuclear Policing of Iran

It is a part of the duplicity and self-serving logic of US imperialism.

Perception and Reality

The Supreme Court is compelled to intervene when the executive fails.

Extrajudicial Executions

The Supreme Court has failed the citizen on encounter killings.

Judicial Ghar Wapsi?

When will Para 3 of the Constitution (Scheduled Castes) Order, 1950 be deleted?

Abuse of Power

The Supreme Court rightly nullifi es the abuse of executive power in expanding the reservation list.

An Avoidable Tragicomedy

The Aam Aadmi Party leadership has snatched defeat from the jaws of a famous victory .

Israel after the Election

Netanyahu's re-election will push Israel further into international isolation; this may even aid the peace process.

A Horror Compounded

The Hashimpura verdict after 28 years is salt in an open wound.

Freedom of Expression Is a Right

The Supreme Court's ruling striking down Section 66A ventures to provide a larger protection to free speech.

'Rebalancing' Aggregate Demand

China needs to return to the original formula of the "four modernisations" propounded by Zhou Enlai.

Sending Whistle-blowers to Their Deaths

Whistle-blowers continue to be murdered even as a law for their protection awaits notification.

India's Ocean?

The right questions are not being asked about the country's (aggressive) Indian Ocean strategy.

New Kid on the Economic Policy Block

The RBI and the government have decided to adopt the discredited policy of inflation targeting.

More Outrage, Less Action

By scaling down the number of rape crisis centres, the government stands exposed.

Building Castles in the Air

With dodgy GDP numbers, what can one make of the government's annual scrutiny of the economy?

Not a Beautiful Business

Do beauty contests have any place in institutions of learning?

The Annual Rigmarole

The budget has become a meaningless exercise with dicey figures and unkept promises.

Is Sarva Dharma Samabhava Back?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's is a neo-Vedantic Hindu interpretation of Indian secularism.

Haze and Smoke

We are killing our urban residents through the air they breathe.

Half-hearted Embrace

The centre is less than enthusiastic about the Fourteenth Finance Commission's landmark report.