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No Safe Spaces

The central issue is patriarchy and power, not private taxi services.

Shale Oil - At OPEC's Mercy?

With the price of crude oil falling sharply, the US shale oil industry is at the edge of a precipice.

Will Narendra Modi Speak Out?

There is a poison spreading against minorities but the prime minister refuses to come down on the bigots.

For They Know What They Do

Hate propaganda and attacks against Christians in Bastar are deeply disconcerting.

Learning Nothing from Bhopal

Plug loopholes and implement existing laws rather than bring in new laws.

In the Making - An Asian NATO?

The devious game New Delhi is playing alongside Washington, Tokyo and Canberra.

Panacea of 'Structural Reforms'

The main commitments of the G-20 leadership, touted at the Brisbane summit, sound utterly hollow.

Giving Dengue Its Due

The increasing severity of dengue outbreaks is not being taken seriously.

The Crime in Nithari

The death penalty for Surinder Koli may be an error in judgment, providing yet another case for abolition.

Relief at the WTO

The public distribution system is out of scrutiny, but this is no clear “victory”.

The World's Oldest Debate

The debate for and against legalisation of sex work must get more attention.

An Empty Verdict

The Machil case will make little difference unless AFSPA is withdrawn.

Dangerous Games

The resistible rise of communalism in West Bengal.

When Elephants Join Hands

The China-US carbon emissions deal may be disappointing but it could catalyse global efforts.

Killing Women to Curb Population

The Chhattisgarh tragedy will repeat unless governments accept women's rights.

In the Time of Ebola

Sound healthcare systems are the only insurance against deadly viruses.

A Clever Modus Operandi

"Naxalites" are being blamed for inciting dalits, this in order to deflect attention from dalit massacres.


Why do the non-BJP parties continue to falter even six months after the general elections?

Good Times

Shrewd electoral management and a divided opposition help the BJP win in Maharashtra and Haryana.

Black Money and Its Footprints

High net worth entities and the banks aiding tax evasion should be the focus of the probe.

Why This Attack on MGNREGA?

One knows who will suffer if the Narendra Modi government succeeds in weakening MGNREGA.

Land and Livelihoods Once More

The proposed amendments of the new land acquisition law will be a huge step backwards.

The Dravidian Parties' New Travails

What changes will Jayalalithaa's conviction bring in Tamil Nadu politics?

Mala Fide Decision on Drug Prices

The decision to reduce the powers of the drug pricing body goes against the interest of public health.

Racism in India

Racism is at the core of the assault on three African students in the Delhi Metro.

No Magic Broom

The Swachh Bharat campaign has failed to understand why there is dirt.

The 'Make in India' Shove

The "Make-in-India" slogan will call for degrading labour, land and the environment.

Lives of Others, and Deaths

Social and political approval for fake police encounter killings must end.

Democratise the University!

The use of police violence on demonstrating students undercuts the essence of the university.

A Shortage of Will

Government apathy imperils persons living with HIV/AIDS.

After the Scottish Referendum

Will Scotland's failed push for independence lead to fundamental change in the UK?

An Unaffordable Game

Neorealists on both sides have yet again constrained India-China relations within the old rules of the game.

Foreign Portfolio Investment Rush

Where is the current foreign portfolio investment rush leading the Indian economy to?

Misery in the Tea Gardens

Tea plantation workers face starvation, trafficking and political neglect.

How Does One Deal with Drink?

Indian society needs to have a different relationship with liquor; neither prohibition nor free sale is an answer.

Partners in Washington's 'Pivot'

New Delhi moves closer to Washington's main strategic partners in the Asia-Pacific - Tokyo and Canberra.

The Forgotten Ones

Only a strict monitoring system can abolish the misery of India's under-trial prisoners.

More Tears for Kashmir

The devastation caused by the floods could have been avoided with better planning.

Their Time - Teachers' Day

Shouldn't students and teachers have the freedom to decide how to celebrate Teachers' Day?

Taking on ISIS

There is just no easy and clear way to defeat the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

Back to Basics

Now that "development" has delivered the votes, the BJP is back to hard-line Hindutva.

Indulging the Hate-mongers

The victims of the anti-Christian Kandhamal riots still await justice and rehabilitation.

Saving Sharmila

The response to Irom Sharmila's fast should be negotiation, not force-feeding.

Off With Its Head

Without much thought or foresight the Planning Commission is to be done away with.

No Cure for the Malaise

A law passed in haste will replace the flawed judicial collegium with yet another flawed system.

Masters of War

The groundwork for a new India-US Defence Framework Agreement is being laid.

When Will They Ever Learn

Ecologically insensitive developmental policies cause "natural" disasters like Malin.

Wages of Communal Polarisation

Communal tension and violence persist in western UP as the BJP seeks to advance its reactionary agenda

Protecting the Future

We need to institute decisive preventive and curative measures to counteract the high incidence 0f TB among children.

The Reign of Non-History

Do the attacks on the discipline of History presage worse days ahead?