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No Going Back

The Supreme Court's rulings on sexual minorities have had a churning effect.

Manifestos and Messiahs

Elections are increasingly becoming contests over personalities and not of policies.

Deepening Challenge in Climate Change

There is no more denying the fact of global warming; can India respond with appropriate policies?

Retribution, Deterrence and Women's Safety

The sentencing in the Mumbai Shakti Mills rape cases throws up many questions.

The 'Non-Persons'

The services sewerage workers provide are essential but they are treated with cruel neglect.

RBI's Conservatism Triumphs

The central bank has, with good reason, taken the safe path on the issue of new bank licences.

Conflict over Fishing in the Palk Bay

A humanitarian and cooperative approach is needed to resolve the confl ict over fishing in the Palk Bay.

Transport Policy for the 21st Century

A high-level committee on transport suggests a different approach to making policy.

King Canute's Land?

The absence of any engagement with climate change in the planet's biggest elections is shocking.

No Weakening of China's Economy

A "Bear Stearns" moment in China is not round the corner.

Explaining the Anger

What explains the erosion of support for the ruling combine at a time of rising human development indices?

Fear of the Past

Official India's obsession with secrecy does not allow us to have a perspective on the past.

Course Correction

The government has managed to re-establish a measure of autonomy in India's foreign policy.

The Not-so-Fine Print

Working conditions of print journalists remain poor.

Threat of a 'Sudden Stop'

Can the new government stop bowing to the pressures of international capital?

Holding Up Half the Sky

Women are voting in ever larger numbers, will it reflect in policies?

Hijacking the Electoral Process

It looks like the BJP's money is going to beat the Congress's money.

Easing Unbearable Pain

The amended narcotic drugs law will bring much longed-for relief to lakhs of sufferers.

The Ukrainian Crisis

Geopolitical manoeuvres by world powers have further aggravated the Ukrainian crisis.

Adoptions for All

The Supreme Court takes an important step to end civic disabilities based on religious laws.

A Game of Passion, a Game of Corruption

Who cares for Indian cricket even as corruption exists at the very top?

A Law for Street Vendors

Street vendors are jubilant about the new law; now for its implementation.

Break the 'Special 301' Big Stick

India should stand up to US bullying on intellectual property.

Swan Song of Short-termism

P Chidambaram's last budget pays tribute to the rating agencies, irrespective of the cost to the economy.

Politics of Brinkmanship

Members of Parliament have made disruption and not deliberation their instrument of intervention.

The numbers in this editorial - written before the concluding session of the 15th Lok Sabha - have been updated to show the complete picture at the end of the Lok Sabha.

Telangana's Message

The troubled formation of India's 29th state suggests the need for a new States' Reorganisation Commission.

Whistling in the Wind?

An alert citizenry is pivotal for democracy.

Forging Solidarity

Why do the Maruti Suzuki workers of Manesar (Haryana) deserve mass solidarity and support?

No Bans, No Censorship

Rather than fighting individual battles, it is time to make the law defend freedom of speech.

CAG and the Audit of Private Firms

The government, as a licensor, is fully empowered to ask the CAG to audit private firms which are licensees.

Anti-China Bloc in the Making

The Indo-Japanese military alignment is nothing but a part of the United States’ “pivot to Asia” strategy.

Army's Subversion of Justice

The Pathribal verdict only shows that the impunity of the Indian Army has grown.

Rage Against Road Tolls

There is a need to relook at the way road projects are built and run.

Referendums in a Democracy

Referendums, if properly instituted, could enhance the participative features of Indian democracy.

Inflation Targeting: A Controversial Shift

An RBI focus on targeting infl ation may be neither productive nor advisable.

Neglect of Rail Passenger Safety

Indian Railways’ dismal safety record shows lack of leadership and vision.

The 'Stagnation-Financialisation Trap'

North America, western Europe and Japan are caught in a stagnation-financialisation trap.

Danger Signals

The Aam Aadmi Party shows signs of falling into the same old rut.

We Have Overcome

India wins the war on polio; now it needs to be extra vigilant.

A Hare-brained Proposal

A bank transaction tax to replace all taxes will have a disastrous impact on the economy.

Can AAP Slay the Dragon?

AAP wants to slay the dragon of crony capitalism, but the problem is all capitalisms are crony.

A Matter of Life and Death

India's maternal mortality rate has declined, but much more needs to be done.

Bangladesh's Predicament

How to strengthen secular democracy without weakening democratic institutions.

Misplaced Optimism on a New Regulator

The Supreme Court order to create a new environment regulator may only add more bureaucracy.

Crass Decision

The union government is bent on making the environment subservient to the demands of industry.

Avoidable Mess

None of the principal actors have acted sensibly in the Khobragade affair.

Disabled by Lack of Political Will

The government’s failure to table the Disabilities Bill in Parliament is unforgivable.

Of Land and Livelihoods

The new LARR Act is not a permanent solution to the basic problem – the commodifi cation of land.

From Movement to Government

Running the Delhi government will test the Aam Aadmi Party's ability to transform itself.

Adarsh Impunity

Something rotten in the state of Maharashtra.