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Governor 'Adventurism'

The abuse of Article 356 in the name of safeguarding constitutional proprieties.

'Mockery' of Democratic Process

The Supreme Court deals a blow to immunity enjoyed by security personnel under AFSPA.

Washington's 'Major Defence Partner'

Cutting through the deceit, the "latest junior defence partner on the block" might be a more truthful description.

'Divine-bodied' Disabled

Access to education and the labour market is abysmal among India's disabled.

Battle Far From Won

Food insecurities remain even as more states begin implementing NFSA.

Networks of Morbidity

The challenge of curbing the organ trade goes beyond episodes of rackets.

Foreign Policy Fizzles Out

Prime Minister Modi is traversing the globe but his foreign policy is travelling nowhere.

A 'Tolerant' State

In the Narendra Dabholkar murder case the main culprit is the state's tardy response.

Divide and Rule

Communalism has been used for a century and a half to rule over Uttar Pradesh.


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